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Weekly check in 10.25

How Far Along?

How big is baby?

Upcoming Appointments?

TTGP Grad?

IF/RPL/High Risk?

How are you feeling?



GTKY: Are you having a baby shower? If so what kind and when? 

Re: Weekly check in 10.25

  • How Far Along? 25+3

    How big is baby? Cauliflower 

    Upcoming Appointments? Wednesday for a regular check. My clinic doesn’t do the gestational diabetes test until 28 weeks. 

    TTGP Grad? Yes, from June 2019-may 2021 

    IF/RPL/High Risk? Secondary IF 

    How are you feeling? Pretty good. Starting to feel big. So some positions are uncomfortable, especially sitting up really straight. So far, besides some minor aches,  pains and tiredness this pregnancy has been easy on me. 

    Rants/Raves? We had a busy weekend again and I just feel like I can’t keep up. I’ve got several things that need to be done and that aren’t even baby related. I have a ton that I should do for the baby too. We don’t even have a name picked and Keep thinking I ONLY have 3 months left. 😳😳 anyway, besides my spiral, things are going well and I know it’ll all work out. I’m just feeling a bit overwhelmed atm. 
    The good news is that I ordered the last of my “big stuff” so our rocker and baby carrier should be coming in soon. I found a cute chair on wayfair, and ordered a Tula explore carrier. I only had a boba wrap and a knock off with my son and I wasn’t a fan of either but enjoyed baby carrying. 
    Imo the boba just never stayed tight and my big baby always sagged, and the knock off was uncomfortable for everyone. 

    Questions? Nope

    GTKY: Are you having a baby shower? If so what kind and when? 
    We aren’t having one this time. We’re blessed to have kept stuff with my son for this boy, so a lot of my big shopping is done. I will just need to decorate, and buy things like diapers, clothes, and the small stuff. I’ll create a registry for friends and family who want to buy stuff. 
  • How Far Along? 24w

    How big is baby? Cantaloupe or red cabbage

    Upcoming Appointments? No appts until 11/9

    TTGP Grad? Briefly

    IF/RPL/High Risk? High risk

    How are you feeling? Large. I am up 50(!)lbs prepregnancy from Easton and where I was last October 😩 

    Rants/Raves? Natm 

    Questions? Natm

    GTKY: Are you having a baby shower? If so what kind and when? Oh maybe I do have a question. I had a baby shower for my first in 2010. Didn’t have one for my second in 2016. But she was planned and we saved all our baby stuff. We had a sip n see when she was born and invited everyone over to come meet the baby, but didn’t expect gifts and didn’t really get anything.

    Now we haven’t had a baby in 5 years and we weren’t originally planning on it. Is it tacky to host your own baby shower or to ask someone to host one for you? Because I would love for this baby to be extra loved on. 
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  • @angelz429 I don’t think hosting your own, or hosting with friends is tacky at all. I think the old days of someone having to do it is old school. I helped host with a couple of friends for my first, I set in stone alot of the big plans like date, Location, theme, and they helped with the decor and all of the filler. It was really nice.  
  • How Far Along? 26w

    How big is baby? Kale, or green onion

    Upcoming Appointments? Tomorrow, glucose test.

    TTGP Grad? No

    IF/RPL/High Risk? AMA

    How are you feeling? Yesterday was a bit odd with quite a few contractions. I tried laying down and lots of water.  But it did freak me out a bit! MH is away on a work trip and I started running through plans (what to do with SS) if I decided to go to the hospital late at night. Today is a lot better. Anxious to talk to my doctor about it!

    Rants/Raves? Rave: got the crib made and it's making me so excited to get everything ready for his room!

    Questions? natm

    GTKY: Are you having a baby shower? If so what kind and when? I had a small one a few weeks ago. I wanted to do it before all the holidays and sickness strikes. It was lovely! 
  • @photographerwife +1 for feeling a bit anxious in getting everything done (house, holidays, and preparing for baby)!
    @angelz429 I think you should host a shower if you want to!
  • How Far Along? 23w3d

    How big is baby? Grapefruit

    Upcoming Appointments? CNM Appt tomorrow morning

    TTGP Grad? no

    IF/RPL/High Risk? no

    How are you feeling? meh. My lower back is still suuuuper stiff and now I'm really anxious about injuring myself making any basic movement

     Raves: Between Samson and myself being constantly sick/injured my husband has basically been keeping this place running with a smile on his face. Even though I threw up all over the car on his birthday  :D. So glad to have such a supportive partner. 
    Rants: After having beautiful weather all month, it's now going ot be constantly rainy all week just in time for outdoor family photos and Halloween weekend.

    Questions? NATM

    GTKY: Are you having a baby shower? If so what kind and when? Nope. We have way too much stuff already. 
  • How Far Along? 24w 5d

    How big is baby? Cantaloupe 

    Upcoming Appointments? Next Monday

    How are you feeling? Just tired. Not really enjoying pregnancy like last time. I think it has to do with my job a bit. More responsibility and needing a replacement this time, just more pressure. 

    Rants/Raves? So much pressure down low this time. 

    Questions? None really. 

    GTKY: Are you having a baby shower? If so what kind and when? No - we’ve got everything already! 
    Me: 37 DH: 37 - Married 10.2015 ❤️ Canadian 
    DX: Endometriosis - Stage 4, DOR, RPL
    TTC #1 07.2015
    03.2016 - Natural BFP - MC 5w4d
    04.2016 - Natural BFP - Chemical
    10.2016 - IUI w/ Injections #1 = IUI Cancelled (cyst/no mature follicle)
    11.2016 - IUI w/ Injections #2 = BFP, EDD 08.2017 - It's a BOY!
    TTC #2 06.2019
    08.2019 - IUI w/ Injections #1 = Chemical
    09.2019 - IUI w/ Injections #2 = BFN
    10.2019 - IUI w/ Injections #3 = BFN
    01.2020 - IUI w/ Injections #4 = BFN
    08.2020 - Natural BFP - MC 9w5d
    11.2020 - IVF Retrieval - 3AB & 4BB
    05.2021 - FET #1 = BFP, EDD 02.2022 - It's a BOY!

  • How Far Along? 22w4d

    How big is baby? Coconut 

    Upcoming Appointments? Next week for ultrasound and regular appointment

    TTGP Grad? No

    IF/RPL/High Risk? Yes, GD, Factor V, AMA

    How are you feeling? Good overall! 

    Rants/Raves? I’m loving all the moves she’s making. She’s lying transverse, so I feel her mostly on my lower left.  I’m having more RLP and Braxton Hicks which are somewhat annoying, but it’s nothing too painful. 

    Questions? NATM

    GTKY: Are you having a baby shower? If so what kind and when? No, but my mom bout me a few baby items which was nice. I have bought a ton of diapers, so now I’m buying a new diaper bag and some other items

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  • Coming back for tags <3

    How Far Along? 26w!

    How big is baby? bottle of fancy french soda (~14in)

    Upcoming Appointments? in less than 30 minutes I have my 26w check up + blood work but also my 1hr glucose test, glad to only get stuck once!

    TTGP Grad? feb21-may21

    IF/RPL/High Risk? no

    How are you feeling? right now I am so tired but mostly excited to be out of the second trimester next week. and nervous about the glucose testing, I really don't want to have to give up christmas cookies and eggnog. also the nesting is INTENSE 

    Rants/Raves? Rave: I found a doula! she is awesome and knows acupressure and also speaks the same straightforward science language MH does so it will be a good fit. Rant: we're in the middle of some home renovations and discovered that underneath our master bath sink cabinet there's been a leak for an unknown amount of time and basically absolutely wrecked our home first aid kit...so I have to replace all that because nesting said so.

    Questions? natm

    GTKY: Are you having a baby shower? If so what kind and when? yes! it will be virtual in the first weekend of December. theme is vaguely winter and it's co-ed so we can have all our friends there :)
  • How Far Along?  23 weeks

    How big is baby? The size of a chinchilla. *But a friend just talked thus week about a chinchilla chewing its own foot off, so I'll just be over here creeped out by that for a week. 😬

    Upcoming Appointments? next week for regular midwife visit. 

    TTGP Grad? No

    IF/RPL/High Risk? Nope

    How are you feeling? Still feeling really good. 

    Rants/Raves? Rant: I have had so little sleep this week. My daughter (16) woke me up at 245 yesterday morning to tell me she drank some eater and felt like she *might* throw up. She never did, and I never went back to sleep. I told her she's 16, even if she does throw up, she better never wake me up at that time to tell me about it again. Then last night my youngest (1) woke up at 2 and didn't get back to sleep until after 5. He was happy, and snuggly but just would not fall back asleep. I'm exhausted. 

    Rave: We finally managed to get our family photos taken last night, so I'm excited to see the sneak peeks from them today! 

    Questions? Nope, I'm good. 

    GTKY: No baby shower here, thisbis number 6, and will give us 2u2, the only thing we won't have for this LO are clothes right away because they'll be born in different seasons. 
  • @modoodles oh no! I hope you can get some quality sleep soon. Those pictures soundso good!!

    @lexilougolden I passed!! How was yours??
  • @chgilmore Yay! I'll find out tomorrow.  
  • @modoodles - chewed off his foot? That’s so gross hahaha. I have a Chinchilla - Ollie. I hope he doesn’t eat his foot lol 
    Me: 37 DH: 37 - Married 10.2015 ❤️ Canadian 
    DX: Endometriosis - Stage 4, DOR, RPL
    TTC #1 07.2015
    03.2016 - Natural BFP - MC 5w4d
    04.2016 - Natural BFP - Chemical
    10.2016 - IUI w/ Injections #1 = IUI Cancelled (cyst/no mature follicle)
    11.2016 - IUI w/ Injections #2 = BFP, EDD 08.2017 - It's a BOY!
    TTC #2 06.2019
    08.2019 - IUI w/ Injections #1 = Chemical
    09.2019 - IUI w/ Injections #2 = BFN
    10.2019 - IUI w/ Injections #3 = BFN
    01.2020 - IUI w/ Injections #4 = BFN
    08.2020 - Natural BFP - MC 9w5d
    11.2020 - IVF Retrieval - 3AB & 4BB
    05.2021 - FET #1 = BFP, EDD 02.2022 - It's a BOY!

  • How Far Along? 25 weeks 3 days

    How big is baby? Prairie dog, Napa cabbage, Baseball glove

    Upcoming Appointments? Not for a few weeks

    TTGP Grad?

    IF/RPL/High Risk? RPL, AMA, thyroid

    How are you feeling? Tired, but mainly good - I finally figured out that the pain I was feeling on my left side is sciatic nerve pain, so hoping that will ease up a bit.

    Rants/Raves? Raves: I went to a conference this week, and it was a nice change of pace.  I'll be super busy today catching up, but it was really nice to see people I haven't seen for a really long time.  Rant: I forgot my compression socks for my trip, and I wore boots both days of the conference.  I got them on both days, but I ended up driving home with really tight boots on because I couldn't get them off when I left the conference.  So it was a struggle to get them off last night when I got home, but no boots were harmed.  I also got stuck in the parking garage, so that was fun.  They took my room key when I checked out, and told me I didn't need it to get out of the parking garage (I charged parking to my room).  It turns out, I definitely needed my key, so I ended up talking to the driver behind me, and he let me out using his key.

    Questions? Not really, still just looking for a good travel pregnancy pillow, but I'm not sure they actually exist. Non-pregnancy related, but more of a "what would you do" questions - My MIL and FIL watched the boys while we attended my grandma's funeral a few states away.  Boys don't travel well, and it was a quick trip, so we decided it'd be easier for them to stay home, plus several of my dad's cousins and family aren't vaccinated. Well, long story short, for whatever reason, they did a crap job of watching the boys.  To the point that the boys were traumatized, and we came home to boys who hadn't been fed correctly, had old, dry food stuck in their hair, etc. The IL's also lied to us about how the boys were doing when we asked daily, so just not thrilled.  Anyways, I told DH that they are his to deal with 100% moving forward.  I don't send pictures or updates, I'm not buying gifts for Christmas, etc. He is now in charge of all communication and all extras.  They also aren't allowed to have the boys on their own.  His mom's birthday is coming up, so I'm trying to decide how petty/not petty it would be to also put him in charge of her birthday card.  I usually buy 2 cards so the boys can decorate their own.  I only have 1 (leftover from when I bought my mom's birthday cards), so he can use that, but otherwise I'm planning on not doing anything.  I will 100% be blamed when the cards don't show up on time and "ruin" her birthday. So I'm just wondering if I'm being petty, and is it actually worth it? I'm just so over them.  It has also highlighted how much I'm actually in charge of vs. how my DH takes care of for events and everything.

    GTKY: Are you having a baby shower? If so what kind and when? I won't have a baby shower this time.  I had one for DS1, and we have most of that stuff still.

    @photographerwife You'll have to keep us posted on the Tula carrier. I had an Ergobaby 360 for DS1, but it always felt huge with my short torso.  I did like the Baby K'Tan I used with DS2.  It was so nice to have both hands free to chase DS1.  We have a boy name picked, but not a girl name.  At this point, if the baby is a girl, I'm hoping she's born ready to name herself lol.

    @angelz429 I feel you on weight gain.  I'm at the point I refuse to look at the scale, but I gain weight during pregnancy so fast.  I also vote for having a baby shower for your baby. 

    @lexilougolden I hope your contractions slowed down/stopped.  I swear stuff like that only happens when someone is out of town, which just adds to the stress of the situation.

    @kaf1788 I hope you and Samson are feeling better! I laughed when I read your DH's birthday story. Pregnancy is so glamorous.

    @JWatt5 I feel you on more pressure at work.  I've been trying to schedule the bulk of travel to see everyone before I leave, and Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's are killing my plans.

    @alylove11 Baby kicks are hands-down my favorite part of pregnancy.

    @chgilmore Nesting has been intense over here, too.  For whatever reason, when I nest, I deep clean my refrigerator a lot.  This time around I've also been cleaning my car, which isn't my favorite any other time.  I'm glad you found a doula!

    @modoodles Your family pictures turned out so well! I hope you got some sleep after being woken up twice.
  • @makingbacon I have the same short torso struggle with babywearing and Happy Baby Carriers are far and away the best I've tried! So comfy, way less bulky, and they come in super cute colors.
  • @makingbacon you cannot catch a break this week! I'm trying to reign in the therapist part of me right now lol. I think you're right to be upset because they lied. I'm guessing that YH is on the same page re: they lied, the boys were traumatized (I'm also wondering what this means), their care was subpar. I think you're allowed to be done engaging in that relationship. What might help the abruptness feel less petty is saying something to YH like "I no longer want to engage in this relationship with them, but those are your parents and our kids' grandparents. If you want a relationship with them and if you want the boys to have a relationship with them, you have to start stepping up and taking over". But you can't control how your MIL will feel and react or respond. If she ends up thinking you're petty, will that really affect you in the long run? 
  • @chgilmore Thanks, that helps a lot with putting them in perspective. I don’t really care if she thinks I’m petty, but she does take great joy in turning the rest of the family against me when I take a stand. There were a lot of shorter term issues that we’ve worked through with the boys, but the biggest part of it for us is that they disengaged from the rest of our family. I took them with me to my sister’s house for a weekend with my family, and they did minimal interacting with everyone else. They were doing better by the end of the visit, but it was still very much not how they usually acted. They’re both big on giving hugs and kisses, and they both refused any at arrival or departure from the trip. I/We have always had the boundary of not touching the boys if they say no, and that was reinforced that weekend so there were no forced hugs. DS1 still worries that we’re going to have grandma and grandpa stay with them overnight again and go away, so effects have definitely been lingering. 
  • @makingbacon oof :( it definitely sounds like something happened, especially if DS1 is vocalizing his worry. This sounds like a no-win scenario, but it sounds like you're on the side of protecting your kiddos and at the end of the day it's your and their well-being that matters <3 
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