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Spina Bifida test

Hi all,

I’m 19 weeks along with my first child at 37 years old, and we just heard from the doctor that my bloodwork was flagged—my AFP came back at 2.7. I did more blood work to double check (waiting on those results), and our anatomy scan is coming up, but I am really scared.

 Have any of you had this happen?

Re: Spina Bifida test

  • Hi:) what was 2.7? Was that the nuchal Translucency measurement from
    the 12 week ultrasound?
  • Hi @Ishap83, my nuchal translucency looked normal at the 12 week ultrasound. 2.7 is my AFP result, or alpha-fetoprotein. That’s what my doctor tested with my bloodwork. 
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  • I’m sure that’s scary. Know that the test is a screen, not a diagnosis, so unfortunately you’re in this awful waiting period. Different things can influence AFP so a positive doesn’t automatically mean spina bifida, Down syndrome, etc. I hope you get reassuring news soon and you have doctors you can trust to walk you through the process of learning more. 
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