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What is the first food everyone wants post pregnancy?

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I want the best Charcuterie board chased by some Sushi! 😋 

Re: What is the first food everyone wants post pregnancy?

  • I don’t stop eating anything when I’m pregnant (I would stop eating raw fish but I don’t eat that to begin with) so probably whatever I am craving
  • Food is so hard for me because last time right after birth I reached a new kind of hungry never previously seen post 48 hours from my last meal a C-section and my first two breast feeds later. I lied about passing gas to get hospital pancakes and I ate every one. I plan on lying again but earlier and will probably devour whatever they give me. But my first meal when I got home was a giant soft pretzel and cheese and a beer. I would not be sad to repeat that.
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  • DEFINITELY a steamy cup of pure cacao! Prior to pregnancy I had a cup of melted chopped ceremonial grade cacao made from a raw cacao paste with a little maple syrup to sweeten it every weekend morning, and it was a TREAT! I’ve cut out chocolate during pregnancy to avoid the caffeine and theobromine content, but boy, as soon as I give birth, that will absolutely be my first guilty pleasure!!! ☕️ 
  • @kiwi2628 My mind changes like the wind so I can relate! For now I am pretty sure Charcuterie haha

    @rbflei Yes! Heck I have had a soft pretzel at least 2 times last week. I felt guilty at first but I have been so good and still continue to eat healthy meals and snacks. I figured I could be doing way worse so I lightened up on myself for giving in.. There are worse things to be had! Note: this was a cheese filled one and not close to one you get at any concession/bar food so it wasn't the same. But it helped lol

    @minnie_yoga_mama How interesting! I will have to share this idea with my boss. She had me start drinking mud/wtr to get an energy boost instead if coffee. I always like to hear if new things to try.Thank you for sharing!

  • I’ve never cared about deli sandwiches until I couldn’t have one. I’m not super obsessed with them so I don’t feel too bad about cutting it out.  So I’ll probably have a giant subway sandwich with some sushi on the side. Also a big glass of wine on the side too! 
  • I can't wait to go back to my favourite sushi train with my husband. It seems like he has been eating more sushi than ever since I got pregnant and I'm so jealous.
    To be honest I will probably eat all of the things (subway, sushi, cold seafood, coke zero, poached eggs, Camembert cheese and salami) asap because I have craved them all at various points so far!
  • @Blondesweety444 Ahhh... I tried the lunch meat cooked until steaming and it just doesn't cut the mustard (haha). All of this is totally worth it though. I have a bottle of Chianti I planned on opening this winter but I'll save it for that Charcuterie. Cheers, mama!

    @constantinabee Oh no!...Luckily my husband doesn't come out and request sushi. I would have to say that is a pretty legit list you have there! 😋 
  • @mscrys1287 What can I say? I really love food :D
  • I don't cut anything except alcohol and THC, but I doubt I'll be dying to have either of those when I'm exhausted after having just given birth... maybe the next week lol 
  • I don’t really cut out foods or drinks while pregnant— the only thing I worry about is mercury levels in fish but I still eat it in safe amounts. DH snuck in a bottle of my favorite wine to the delivery room so I had a glass of that after my first breastfeeding session with DD. Hoping to continue that tradition!
  • Ditto to not cutting out most foods while pregnant. But I’ll probably want something big and meaty after labor, so a steak or cheeseburger or something. 
  • I've kept most things on board except large amounts of raw (seafood, eggs, etc) and alcohol. Really looking forward to a little buzz and like a dozen raw oysters 😬 I did have 3 small sips of my partners Corona when we were having cooked seafood the other day and it tasted like pure heaven. I don't even really prefer or love beer. 
  • WAIT we can't have soft pretzels???  because I definitely had some yesterday- with beer cheese....
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  • @shlecks lol I just meant the beer part but she said food and that was a pretty good meal. But I guess it depends If the cheese you eat is pasteurized and served cold. But the pretzel is fine! I don't want to start a 🥨 miss information controversy. Ha ha.
  • Food? How about a glass of champagne and a beer to go with it! 
  • sushi and a big ol’ glass of wine!
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  • Just excited to eat and not feel nauseous after. 
  • @rbflei 😂 PRETZELGATE  Ok so I think I'm down with having some really good sushi, a big ol' Jimmy John's sandwich, and a GIANT beer.
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  • Red wine and margaritas for me!
  • @fameonmain2 ohhhhhhh margaritas!!! There is this great place in the city we used to go to a lot before we were parents that has like 15 different flavors with all fresh, muddled ingredients. Now I want margs, mostly just because we can't 😆
  • @fameonmain2 I was going to say the exact same things! 

    Also, Sam Adams usually releases one of my favorite seasonal beers in March and I’m really looking forward to having one of those. 

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  • @fameonmain2 yeeeessss! Margaritas and street tacos.

    @Avrilmai good timing! My favorite Sam Adams is Octoberfest... 🙃 Although to be fair I can’t drink more than a few sips of beer anyway without feeling icky. 
  • Sushi and wine!
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