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Collection of fluid but no sac at 4 weeks

I’ve been at the ER all morning and had an ultrasound done . They aren’t seeing any defined sac just a small ball of fluid . He seems to think it might be a pregnancy that didn’t progress or I’m not far enough along yet . But is siding with a miscarriage . My HCG level yesterday was 333 today 449 . Unsure on dates of conception as my implanon was removed 9/23 and I got a positive two days ago. Does anyone have words of encouragement I’m so sad

Re: Collection of fluid but no sac at 4 weeks

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    4 weeks is way too early to see anything so no surprise there. Good luck.
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  • Best of luck to you. I recommend getting in touch with an OB and not going to the ER for this type of care. They just do not have the proper equipment or expertise to really support you. 4 weeks is too early to see anything really so you’re in a waiting period for now. 
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  • Not sure the reason for going to the ER, but that is the WORST place to go for ob issues! They always go worst case scenario.  You will not see anything at 4 weeks.  Please get in contact w/ your OB
  • I did this at 5 wks. But getting in to an ob is sometimes hard, they don't often get you in before 8 weeks at least for an exam or ultrasound:( I wish it was easier to get tests when and where you want. Waiting is hard.
  • Oh goodness, that sounds stressful. I wouldn't put too much weight on the ultrasound tech in the ER at such an early point in your pregnancy. I have heard multiple people being told they miscarried from an ER tech at about 6 weeks or even 8 weeks and then go to an appointment with their OB and see a heartbeat. 

    You're still SO early, it's common not to see anything until at least 6 weeks and even then it would be a speck. Stay calm and schedule and appointment with your OB. 
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