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Confirmed Miscarriage Today

I went in for my ultrasound, first one for this pregnancy, and nothing was there. I'm supposed to be 7 weeks and there was nothing, not even a small sliver of hope. Got blood work done and my HCG was at 91. That's not good and basically confirms the miscarriage. I'm definitely not only a few days pregnant. I got a positive test weeks ago. I did have bleeding last week so that's when I suspect it happened. The worst part...I don't even know what day it happened. The bleeding was light, cramps were not bad at all, I thought it was nothing to worry about but....that blank ultrasound really punched me in the gut.

Re: Confirmed Miscarriage Today

  • I'm so sorry. This sounds really similar to what happened to me last year. I was 8 weeks pregnant when I started bleeding, and while I wouldn't characterize it as light, it definitely wasn't a massive event, either. No big clots or anything. Went in for an ultrasound and there was nothing, so yeah, there was nothing to really do about it. I guess in a way, I felt lucky I didn't have to deal with a D&C, and it wasn't super traumatic either. It just was... nothing. Sending creepy internet stranger hugs. 
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    Thanks, internet stranger hug accepted. It's weird to still have symptoms. My boobs are so sore, like on fire, and I just wish my body would go back to normal. I wish there was some glimmer of hope, but I mean...if it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck. Ya know? Bleeding plus nothing on the ultrasound plus super low HCG? Yea. I miscarried. 
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  • First blood work Friday with hcg levels at 35 Sundays levels were 11 first pregnancy after my still born bit frustrated... sorry about your loss as well prayers to you.
  • @ctcollins9109 I'm so sorry. It sucks. My emotions go up and down. I feel less alone with this community. Had bloowork done today and it went down from 91 to 70 (Thurs to Mon). I just want the HCG to be gone so we can move forward.
  • I went in for ultrasound today to have updated photo to show inlaws when we told them the good news at Thanksgiving. Instead was told there was no heartbeat. I'm supposed to be 9 weeks along... they said it looks like it stopped growing at 8 weeks. No bleeding nothing. I only noticed my morning sickness (which was mild nausea at most) had gone away. I have to have surgery to have my baby removed in a few days and in the meantime I'm constantly reminded that it's still inside me, dead, and I've been in tears all day. 
    Oh,  and I'm pretty sure I'm fired since my boss wouldn't give me day off n said I had to come in anyway which I was in no state to do. 
    Happy Thanksgiving.
  • 6w5d saw a strong heartbeat of 128 and hcg is over 42,000. I started bleeding tonight. More like spotting, bright red. This is an Ivf transfer 
  • @starkette I’m in a similar situation but not quite as far along (5.5wks). Just started spotting yesterday that turned into more of bleeding/period like feeling. My Dr. asked me to go in to have my blood drawn. Levels were extremely low at 6….yes 6. They still want me to go back on Sunday to ensure I did in fact miscarry. This was my first pregnancy and it’s an absolutely horrible thing to go through. I didn’t think being so early into a pregnancy that I would be this gutted about a miscarriage. Know you are not alone and I wish you all of the best in conceiving again!
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