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I’m currently 6 weeks everyone else I’ve spoken to says how terrible they feel whilst pregnant? I haven’t been having that many symptoms really I have a early scan booked in for 9 weeks ( just because I worry anyway ) I’ve had some symptoms like sore breasts feeling abit more tired than usual sometimes I feel abit like nausea (not like I’m going to be sick) but in the morning I feel like I need to eat otherwise I will start feeling sick 
wondered if this is all normal? As there not as intense as everyone else 

Re: Opinions?

  • Every pregnancy is different! When I was 6 weeks I had food aversions, sore boobs, and had to keep crackers on hand (if I didn’t eat when I was hungry, I got nauseous). It may hit worse in a week or 2, or you may be lucky like I was and not have really strong symptoms. 🤷🏼‍♀️
  • There are many threads on this board that ask the same question and the answer is YES.  Symptoms do not indicate the outcome of a pregnancy.  
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  • Yes this is normal. 6 weeks is still early for intense symptoms. Mine were pretty much the same as yours 
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