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Gender early on…

Any predictions: I am 6 weeks 2 days pregnant following a full term stillbirth. My babies HR is 115 and here is the TV ultrasound- baby is all the way on the left. <img src="" alt="" />

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  • <img src="" alt="" />
  • I don’t know how to upload the pic on here 😳🤭😱
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  • Congrats on your pregnancy! Honestly, don't bother figuring out how to upload the pic. If you have to tell us where the baby is on the picture, there's no way anyone can tell anything about the sex. It's unlikely the baby developed those parts at this point, anyway. 
  • Please be patient w/ the sex of your kid. 

    The "predictions" and "old wives tales" are a 50/50 crap shot of being correct.  So just write boy on one slip of paper and girl on the other.  Throw them in a bowl and pick.  Thats the likelihood of getting it correct.

    As for the gender - your child will identify when they are older.  Gender =/= sex. 
  • The earliest you can tell your child's sex is from a NIPT blood test around 12 weeks, and then growth scans as your pregnancy progresses. I was SURE I was having a boy - had all the old wives' tales symptoms, dreams, etc. I am having a girl. Be patient. I know it's hard.
  • @daisydoo1 for internet safety I’d remove/edit that picture to cover your full name that is clearly visible.
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