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GTKY- Soup

Where are my soup fans at?!

Re: GTKY- Soup

  • It's rainy and cold in Utah! After coming from warm California and eating fresh Clam Chowder, I'm now in the land of brrrrrr. Honestly, I could eat soup every day. Out of these options tortilla sounds best rn.
  • @lexilougolden I love soup! We eat soup year around! We made veggie stew yesterday and it was so good! 
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  • I am a convert to soup, especially when it starts getting a little chilly. tomato bisque is a year-round favorite with grilled cheese! this french place near us makes a realllly good potato and leek soup too - YUM
  • I love the idea of soup, but I dislike most vegetables, so I sadly don't eat a lot of it. I do make quite a bit of soup and freeze it for DH to eat while I travel.  Favorites in our house are chicken noodle and tomato soup (only with grilled cheese though lol).  I also will order chicken and wild rice soup from Panera when I'm traveling, but I can only eat it if I don't look closely at what is floating in it because onions and celery are not friends of mine.
  • We love soup here. Recently I've made a delicious french onion soup (thank you, HalfBakedHarvest), a chicken and wild rice soup (again, thank you HBH and local wild rice!), and a few different curries. I also love making this really easy kale and bean stew. And probably next weekend I'll make hot and sour soup (homemade is sooo good!). And, when I can get to an Asian grocery, I *love* making Tom Yum!
  • I love a good soup! We get ramen or pho delivered like once a week in the winter. If I had to pick one from the list it would probably be French Onion but it's a tough choice! (the Bostonian me wants to pick clam chowder and the Jew in me wants to pick Matzo Ball soup).

    @ninrms Do you have a good Tom Yum recipe? I loooooove Tom Yum soup and we are planning on hitting up an Asian grocery store this weekend for some Sichuan recipes my husband wants to make.
  • @ninrms Do you have a recipe for the chicken and wild rice soup? I was just looking on Pinterest for one!
  • @kaf1788 Ohhh, I love ramen too!
  • Soup season is here too! 

    We eat tomato soup, chicken and corn chowder, and zuppa toscana pretty regularly. I just froze a vegetable beef soup a couple of weeks ago, and made chili over the weekend! 
  • @kaf1788 I kind of do a mashup, but mainly follow this one: https://rasamalaysia.com/tom-yum-recipe/

    I also refer to this one: https://www.eatingthaifood.com/tom-yum-soup-recipe/

    If you’d like, later when I have more time, I can read back through to figure out what I pull, exactly, from each one. Every time I’ve made it, it’s been so delicious!

    @lexilougolden I’ve only made this once but it was SO good! I used plain wild rice (not a mix) because we have tons of local wild rice that’s delicious. It was rich but good. I didn’t add as much park BC it was so rich. I also used Portabella mushrooms because they were on sale.

  • @ninrms That sounds divine! Making it soon!
  • Loooove soup!!
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