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  • I have an appointment to register for spring semester tomorrow. I was going back and forth about whether or not I should enroll with the baby due in February but I'm just gonna go for it. 
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    @modoodles yay! :)
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  • SS is struggling in school and can only sit for 5 minutes (most 2nd graders can sit for 30--his teacher says). We're trying to get him ADHD accommodations and help him out as he's the most impulsive child I've ever met. Anyone else dealt with this before? Then, my MIL is showing some more signs of early dimentia. She was tested last year and they said she looked fine. But it's definitely increased (repeated stories in a short span of time) in the last few months. I'm such a helper person that not knowing how to help these people is a struggle!
  • My 11yo has ADHD. Diagnosed in 2nd grade. 
  • @angelz429 Any recommendations that have helped your son?
  • @lexilougolden I don't have any experience with dementia for parents, but both of my grandma's experienced it.  One of the first things that they went through was a memory exam and also had their B12 levels tested.  Not in their cases, but some memory loss can be attributed to a B12 deficiency.  It sounds like she already did the test once, but it might be good to have her tested again. 
  • @makingbacon I just read about b12! Thanks for that suggestion. We're definitely going to suggest another memory exam soon.
  • Just took my second Covid test in two weeks—both negative luckily! The first one was cautionary; I had several of my students test positive in a one-week span. Today’s was because I’ve developed a scratchy throat and raspy voice, and have been nauseous and pretty run down. Guess it’s just a cold, but glad I know for sure!
  • @ninrms Glad they're negative! Does your school require masks?
  • @lexilougolden Yes, thank god. About half my students don’t keep them over their nose though. And last Saturday I chaperoned the homecoming dance, and kids definitely were not keeping their masks on. I stayed as far from them as I could as a chaperone lol, but I was still worried. I’m also grateful because our county is small and highly vaccinated (though my students are less so), and we have largely avoided getting hit bad with Covid. We’ve had more cases recently than any other time in the pandemic though.
  • @ninrms I’m glad you were negative both times! We’ve got a nasty virus going around daycare here that has a lot of the same symptoms as Covid. I hope you feel better soon!
  • @lexilougolden ADHD can be hard. It’s hard to parent and it’s hard for the kiddo. So start off by giving yourselves grace to be imperfect. 

    My son is on medication and makes all the difference in the world. 

    He’s in therapy and we have a 504 plan. 

    ADHD is more than just inattention and hyperactivity. It’s difficulty connecting with peers, hyperfocusing on things they find interesting (like video games), difficulty with transitions, trouble sleeping, sensory processing issues, hyperfixating, temper tantrums at inappropriate ages, anxiety….

    I am in an ADHD moms group on fb and it really helps just to know you’re not alone when things are hard. 
  • @lexilougolden as for dementia, there is some good evidence that a paleo diet can help! 
  • The boys are finally feeling better, so I sent them to the park this morning with DH so I can disinfect their bedrooms upstairs. They are decked out in winter gear, and I’m just not ready to be cold. We had snow on the ground this time last year, but I’m always in denial the snow is coming back until it’s here. So ready to relocate so we can be warmer a little while longer every year. 
  • @makingbacon I don't mind winter/snow (I'd rather be cold than hot) but with an active SS it gets hard to fully get his wiggles out each day. Luckily when it's really snowy, he's an excellent skier and that helps! Glad the boys are feeling better!
  • @lexilougolden Skiing sounds like fun. We’re pretty flat here, so we can’t really ski unless we travel somewhere to do it. The boys love snow though, so I’m definitely in the minority in our house lol. I hate being cold, so I’d almost prefer to be a little too hot. 
  • Welp two weeks ago Samson had HFM, this past week Croup, and now today he was diagnosed with a double ear infection (and a high likelihood that his eardrum will burst in the next day or so). I feel so bad for this little guy who really tries so hard to be in a good mood through it all. And also feel bad for myself 😂 I am sooooo freaking tired. 
  • @kaf1788 Oh no, poor little guy! I hope he feels better soon! Hopefully the “bad things happen in 3’s” thing is over for you so you both can rest. 
  • @kaf1788 awww poor guy :( hope he gets relief and gets better soon
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  • @kaf1788 I hope you get some reprieve soon!
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