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What activity did you or your SO love as a kid that you hope your child will want to do too?

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  • Hi! I personally love to read and hope the baby will too. Our 2 current kids love books and reading bedtime stories. DH was into martial arts as a kid and is now trying to get our son into it. I also have the opposite of wanting my kids to have a cool talent since I don't think I have any (like singing or playing musical instruments or dancing). 
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  • My SO was a water polo player in high school so he wants our kid to do water polo, but he grew up in CA and unfortunately that's not a thing in our current State. And also I feel like it's sort of him just wanting to relive his high school glories 😂 but I get it also because I'm a dancer and I really wish I had gotten into it earlier, so I want our kid to do dance. Ultimately it's up to the kid, I think we'll convince/"force" them to try the activities we want them to do for 6 months and if they hate it they can quit, but at least we've tried.
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  • I would love for my kids to be in to music. I was in band in middle school and high school but as a kid I always wanted to learn how to play the piano or violin and my parents couldn't afford it. My daughter currently shows lots of interest in it so hoping it stays.
  • I'm a classical pianist (hobby not occupation) and our 3 year old loves to "play" with me. I'm unfortunately playing more kids songs than classical music right now but it's a wonderful way to spend time with her and encourage a love of music! 
  • My SO played lacrosse and hockey and hope our LO will join them. I hope they want to fish and hunt with me like I did with my dad. 
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  • My husband and I were both theater nerds, big time. It's how we met, doing theater in college. I'd love to see my daughters get into it. My oldest did theater camp over the summer and loved it, which made my little thespian heart sing. 

    My husband is also a musician and he'd love to see our daughters take more of an interest in playing an instrument, but no luck yet. 
  • My husband is sooo excited for our son to start wrestling this year. 

    New baby is a girl - I don’t have hobbies or anything that I want to pass on, but I do hope she’s funny like me lol 
  • I hope my baby is a reader. I can’t wait to have a mommy and me book club :)
  • I would love both my kids to be into horses, or any sports really 
  • Enjoying the outdoors. I went camping and fishing a lot as a kid. My husband went fishing for the first time this year and hasn’t been camping. Either way we both love to be outside and enjoy nature and I hope we can pass down that love to our littles 
  • @caseys02 My DH is big time into lacrosse and really wants the kids to play!  

    DH would be happy with them finding any sport that they're passionate about. As for me, I would love for them to be artistic.  I also hope that they are into the sciences and appreciate nature.      

  • @cheraec I like the idea of a mommy and me book club.
  • I loved to read or go to the library so I hope my kids follow that path. I also loved baking or doing things in the kitchen which we have fostered a lot with our kids so far. Those are some of my favorite moments with my oldest. 
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