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I’m exhausted all day and can’t stay asleep at night. Luckily I work from home so I try to nap here and there during the day, but I get nervous I won’t wake up in time (even with my alarm) so I don’t nap well either. 

I feel like once I wake up at night, I’m wide awake and my mind is feeling and I can’t quiet it. Any tips/tricks for dealing with the insomnia would be super helpful! 


  • Why can’t u sleep? Are you nervous about pregnancy or something else is bothering u? I have trouble sleeping too because I m always nervous thinking if my Baby is still doing okay. This has been bothering me ever since I got pregnant because my first pregnancy ended up in miscarriage. Now I can’t sleep because my employer is forcing me to get covid vaccine. And due to the lack of data and pregnant women being excluded from trials, I m skeptical taking the vaccine as I m not sure how it is going to affect my baby. The only way that helps me to get some sleep is taking a walk before bed. It really helps to calm your mind before bed so that would be my suggestion. 
  • I have mild insomnia often, and definitely gets worse while pregnant. If you struggle to fall asleep, make sure you're avoiding electronics at least an hour before bed. You could try blue light glasses, although I find the blue light blocker on my phone is enough. I always have to read before bed, usually 30-60 min to be able to fall asleep, so I prioritize that in my bedtime routine. Also, avoid exercise close to bed, it might keep you wired. And obviously, avoid caffeine after lunch time, or even earlier if need be.

    If you're struggling to fall back asleep,  you can write down what's bothering you on paper so you won't forget about it later.  For me, if it's really bad, I'll pick up my Kindle (backlight thankfully doesn't bother me) and read until I get sleepy again. Sometimes it takes me another hour, but eventually, I'll go back to sleep. 
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  • I always have insomnia when pregnant. Goodness, I have it when not pregnant, too. It goes hand in hand with the hormones. I used to have "period insomnia" and now I know pregnancy insomnia is right around the corner. Same with being tired all day and then awake at night. It blows. Not much I can do about it but give in, watch a show or read a book, and crawl to bed when I feel dead.
  • I try listening to audiobooks.  Normally the story distracts my mind from whatever I am worrying about long enough that I fall asleep.  I know there are audiobooks specifically designed to help you fall asleep, but I just listen to whatever I have checked out from the library.  Wishing you some sleepy thoughts!  
  • Oh that’s a great idea. Any audiobook recommendations?
  • I have a terrible habit of listening to a lot of murder mysteries which can sometimes backfire in the "trying to go to sleep" goal.  But I also like a lot of rom-com books where you can kinda predict the ending and generally nothing too scary happens.  Erin Hilderbrand novels and Lyssa Kay Adams books are some favorites.  
  • Thank you for sharing! 
  • Thank you everyone! I just started a new job that’s been pretty stressful. And I also had a miscarriage my last pregnancy, so there’s a little worry there. But for the most part, I really feel like just not myself right now. Like I can’t get my body to settle down and just relax. I completely gave up caffeine, and I can’t exercise right now because of this little bleed I have. I’ll literally just be up at night with random songs stuck in my head lol. I’ve never had a problem falling asleep or staying asleep so this is a totally new issue for me. I’ll definitely try reading at night instead of the TV, but sometimes if it’s too quiet I feel like I can’t fall asleep. Thank you for all of the insights!
  • Ugh same man. Weighted blanket or more blankets if you can/enjoy, magnesium, and it's never too early to invest in a pregnancy pillow!! 
  • I have insomnia always. Even before pregnancy. Can’t sleep without unisom. The headspace app also helps a lot. 
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