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Weekly Randoms 10/18

It's finally feeling like fall in Florida!!!!!

Re: Weekly Randoms 10/18

  • @And846 in North Carolina, too! We went to the Blue Ridge mountains this weekend and all the leaves were changing colors and it was like 50 degrees and it was amazing 😂
  • I'm in PA and it's definitely feeling like fall here. I'm excited to be able to wear my sweaters finally 😂 before I don't fit in them anymore lol 
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  • There's a cold front here and it's been in the 50s this morning!! We'll go back to the 80s soon enough but I'm enjoying sweatshirt weather while it lasts. 
  • @tacosandtums that’s fantastic! I love those little sprinkled gifts that mean so so much and come and the right moments! 
  • @tacosandtums That's such a lovely surprise! 

  • Well…my 5 year old is learning to ride her bike without training wheels and completely wiped out today. She’s got a busted lip, a bruised chin, scratches down her nose…gonna have to check her teeth tomorrow once the swelling and soreness have gone down a bit. We had to break out pictures of when DH was a kid and flipped over his handlebars and ended up with a freaking hole in his chin to make her believe she wasn’t going to have a fat lip forever. Fingers crossed she’ll still want to ride her bike once she’s feeling better
  • @skc040512 Awwww I'm sorry she had such a bad spill! I hope she starts to feel better quickly. 
  • @skc040512 Awww poor girl!! We haven’t tackled taking the training wheels off for my 6yo yet because our driveway and roads are all gravel. That is my fear!! 
  • @skc040512 Aw I hope she feels better soon!! 

    My hormones seem to have really picked up these past couple days, so I wanted to share the random reasons I cried today with a group who would understand lol

    1. We only had carb conscious tortillas instead of normal tortillas.
    2. DH's ginger ale wasn't bubbly enough when I took a sip of it. 
    3. The smell of oil. 
  • @skc040512 hope she is doing better today!

    @karisahamdi I’ve cried for less so i completely understand.

    @pajamstagrams yay for her being able to go back boo for real pants 😆

    My c-section scar started hurting me in the middle of the night. No cramping or bleeding but very weird. 
  • Reasons I’ve cried today (I honestly feel like this should be it’s own thread lol)
    1. I couldn’t find the toddler scissors for my 3 year old
    2. I couldn’t find anything I wanted for breakfast
    3. our  state fair is this week, and today is the food drive (biggest single day food drive in the state) and a local meat processing company donated 500,000 protein portions to the state food bank 

    And its only noon 🤣
  • And846And846 member
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    Reasons I’ve cried today:
    my DD didn’t want to but her shoes on at home or in the car. It had to be sitting on the sidewalk outside of school. 

    Edit/ spelling 
  • @addsprinkles521 mine had been hurting a bit too but has been better lately. Did you ever do any scar mobilization or laser therapy postpartum?
  • @jandawg I did not. Honestly the dr said that i healed nicely even the tech who did my ultrasound said she couldn’t tell right away that I had a c-section. It was just so weird and has only been last night (fine right now) so not sure what caused it. Have you had it done? Is it something I should look into? I was contemplating trying for a vbac but last night kinda scared me if my scar could handle it. 
  • @addsprinkles521 I did, I had been seeing a pelvic floor physio throughout my pregnancy so I saw her postpartum as well. That's awesome you healed well! Maybe it was just a fluke? I had extensions on both sides so s bit of a rougher scar (though it healed well). I dont think I'm a candidate for vbac but my midwife was like, "well we'll give you all the info" - at least it's not a right now decision.
  • @jandawg I will look into it. I am hoping it’s just a fluke but will bring it up to my OB if it happens again. I told her I was open to whichever delivery option was best/safest for LO and me. 
  • @pajamstagrams Yay for back to daycare! Sorry you have to wear real pants today, though. 
  • @addsprinkles521 I’ve never had a c-section, so please forgive my ignorance if I’m wrong, but perhaps it wasn’t necessarily scar related? I remember my skin hurting on my lower belly throughout my second pregnancy. I thought it was a lot later along than this, but since yesterday, my skin hurts again. I’m hoping it’s due to my wearing site pants (mens; no elastic; wouldn’t normally be fitting around me, but I’m away for work and didn’t try them on before packing so they’re my only option as I can’t really walk around all day with my pants undone…). Maybe it was an uncomfortable piece of clothing chaffing your scar or scar area?
  • Ugh my oldest DD was home from school on Mon & Tues having a stomach ache. I’d taken her to the clinic and we were treating it as constipation. But now my 3yo woke up puking during the night so I’m thinking the older must have had a bug. 6yo has never had a true episodes of a vomiting sickness (she vomited once as a toddler and once when she was carsick) so I’m starting to wonder if she’s a lucky person that just doesn’t really vomit when she’s exposed to GI illnesses. So I’m sitting here with the 3 year old with the puke bucket and just hoping I don’t get it. We were supposed to go to my sister’s so the girls could meet their new cousin today too  :'(
  • @annashaf it’s all possible. It def was where my scar was but my scar is your normal bikini line incision so it does go to my lower belly area. I am hoping it was just how I was laying or whatnot. It just made me anxious cause I haven’t had issues with it before (little twinges at the ends but not the whole thing)
    @happynapper that really stinks. Fingers crossed you can stay healthy.
  • pajamstagramspajamstagrams member
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    @happynapper ugggh that's the worst. Hopefully she recovers quickly and you stay safe! I had a GI bug when pregnant with DD and it was awful. The only time I threw up while pregnant. 

    Crap, I just got asked to do a site visit at a vendor for work 😳 I'm pretty sure it would be ok, I've been before years ago I don't remember there being chemical exposure or something like that, but now I guess I still need to awkwardly ask the vendor/my OB if it's ok?? Work doesn't know yet, and I'm really not comfortable saying anything until after my next appointment (the day after the visit) so this is just going to be weird. Uggggghhh. 

    Edit update: talked to the vendor (volunteered to set that up myself 😂) and there's nothing to worry about! Thankfully it was a woman I talked to. It shouldn't have been different/more awkward with a man, but you know it probably would have been. 🙄 
  • Is anyone else absolutely starving in the morning? All this week I have been so hungry! Its 11am and I have already eaten the lunch I brought to work, and I had breakfast this morning.

    Not sure I’m going to make it until dinner time…. Send food lol.
  • @fireflyz_56 that soundscape me right now. My appetite is ravenous and sometimes i get queasy after if i are too much or too close together. 
  • annashafannashaf member
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    @pajamstagrams yeah, I feel you. I subtly make myself very busy every time it’s time to coat the anchor with mastic (aka tar) or use the jumping jack (vibrating ground tamper). Holding off on telling my employer for another month, if I can swing it. 
  • Sorry I’ve been MIA this week (not that anyone has probably noticed lol). The nausea has ramped up horribly this week and then I woke up yesterday with what felt like a stomach virus or something- terrible stabbing pains in my stomach, other fun stomach issues. We leave for Florida tomorrow at the crack of dawn and I am just so drained 😩
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  • Can I just vent for a second? My husband said at dinner, "wow, you're really popping!" And even though I've noticed my pants not fitting and my shirts getting tighter, I really wasn't ready for anyone else to notice. I'm only 9 weeks! When I acted upset about it, he was like, "what'd you expect was going to happen?" And I told him I just didn't think it would happen this soon. He meant it in the most loving way. He's excited about every symptom I have and anything that gives us reassurance that I am in fact pregnant but I just feel fat and bloated. I'm going to my parent's house tomorrow because they've been storing my maternity clothes since my last pregnancy. I was trying to wait a little longer but alas, I'm down to like 2 pairs of workout leggings. 
  • So my sister got engaged this weekend and is now freaking out about picking a wedding date around my due date (she’s trying to avoid it but wants a spring wedding so she’s worried about finding a location lol). I told her as long as it wasn’t like the last week in April or any of may I’d be good to go but I’m also kinda dreading being a whale and matron of honor at the same time lol

    she and her fiancé also had an offer accepted on a house today and the green eyed monster is majorly coming out. I absolutely love it and want it for me 😂 it doesn’t have enough bedrooms for my family so I don’t even know why I’m obsessing over it. I’m going to blame the hormones on this one because I am really super excited for them, I’m just being a whiney little bitch about everything because I’m stressing about where we’ll put this baby in our house.
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