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I feel huge at 7 weeks

I'm only 7w+4 and I feel huge already. My stomach is so bloated and I feel like it's so obvious. Does anyone else look like they already have a bump but it's just bloating? This is my first pregnancy and I didn't expect to look this different this early :( I'm trying not to be embarrassed by this. I thought I'd be excited to look pregnant but I just feel uncomfortable. Anyone else want to talk about body issues or have advice on embracing these changes?

Re: I feel huge at 7 weeks

  • Oh man, the bloat is real. I don't remember my first pregnancy too much (8 years ago) but with my second, I felt like I was showing at 6 weeks. I was so uncomfortable. This time, not as much, but we'll see. I'm only 6 weeks now, so there's time.
  • Consume extra fiber and water. It can help.
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  • Oh yes the bloat is real. 
  • Totally get it. I really struggled 1st trimester during pregnancy because I felt so bloated and chubby. I don’t really have any advice but once it actually became a bump, it was easy for me to embrace and enjoy. Just tough getting there. 
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  • Not only is the bloat very, very real, but if it’s a second or third or beyond pregnancy, apparently your uterus “knows” what to do and starts expanding earlier. I was in maternity pants at 8 weeks with my fourth. Stay comfy and don’t stress!  Personally, eliminating most sugar was super helpful for me (and not a bad thing to do during pregnancy, regardless). 
  • I feel super bloated and none of my pants fit me but at 7w2d I can’t justify pulling out my maternity clothes. My husband told me I’m crazy cause I wear 90% leggings and joggers so they shouldn’t be tight already. It was so bad today that we went out for lunch and I couldn’t get more than two bites down. Between the morning sickness starting and the tight clothes I feel so uncomfortable. 
  • I know I am replying late, but I also felt very bloated and uncomfortable physically and visually since week 6 ! I finally am starting to adjust at almost 11 weeks. 
  • I am 6 weeks and 4 days and I'm already in maternity leggings with a "bump". I know its just extra blood flow, bloating, and basically muscle memory, as it is my 5th child, but yes...the "baby" bump is real 🤣
  • Noooo... Please say it aint' so! Hahaha. I thought I was imagining things or being hard on myself. I am pregnant with my second. Our daughter is 3. But I am only 4 weeks and 3 days. So, I am super early. But I feel puffy already. 😏 My face looks a little rounder and my stomach definitely feels kinda puffy. All day today I told myself that it's my imagination, but... Maybe, I am already begining to round out. 

    I am going to start drinking some serious water and make sure to keep up with my exercise routine... I gained almost 70 pounds with our first and just lost all of the weight about 6-7 months ago. I promised myself I would not allow myself to gain like that again. When I got pregnant the first time, I was doing keto and went rogue. I ate everything under the sun and blew up! Hahaha. I hope my body is not thinking that history will repeat itself! 😩
  • Me too! I’m 6w3d and I’m so puffed up! I even had to take my wedding ring off because my fingers are swollen. I’m already not a small woman to begin with…
  • Glad I’m not alone! I’m 6 weeks 1 day and had to unbutton my pants after lunch! My fave is so round and I feel like I look 6 months pregnant with a food belly!!!
  • Feeling this. I'm 6w 1d and had to use a hair tie to "button" my pants today. This is my 3rd pregnancy so I'm guessing that part of it is my uterus remembering the drill, but also SO. MUCH. BLOAT. 
  • Yes, I’m so glad I’m not alone because I was getting worried. I’m at six weeks and have been super bloated and things don’t fit comfortably any more.
  • Yes omg I feel like I need maternity clothes already. Only about 8w I think but it's my 4th pregnancy. Also anyone else experience a letdown feeling in their boobs? Mine are so heavy.
  • This is my first pregnancy, I’m 9 weeks, 3 days and also so so so so bloated.  I have always had an athletic body type and a flat stomach, it’s honestly the one body part I’ve never been insecure about and now I feel so thick and round.  We are about to go on a a week vacation to the Dominican (we didn’t know we’d be pregnant, we took a while) and I’m trying to tell myself to just let it go and not be uncomfortable the whole time.  I didn’t know the bloat could be so bad! Also my lower tummy is definitely filling up and firm now. It’s all a worthy sacrifice, it’s just a sudden change to get use to. 
  • I’m 8wks and I my bloating is unbelievable!
  • A little over 8 weeks and definitely feeling the bloat struggle! First pregnancy, as well.
  • I’m currently 10 weeks, first pregnancy, and the bloat is so real! I feel like it’s slowly, very slowly, going away now. It peaked at 8/9 weeks for me I think. 
    Honestly as big as I felt and as tight as my pants feel some days, no one else has really noticed. I think we notice more cause we’re conscientious of our bodies, especially at this time, but even my husband says he can’t tell I’m bloated. And he’s very honest lol 
  • dont embarred with other people i feel better about my self i told everyone i was pregnant with twins and since then they have been treated me right but dont put ur self down with others im still in my first trimester im 14 weeks 3 days pregnant im here for you dont feel bad about ur self look pregnant is a beautiful thing the beautiful thing is hold that baby in ur arms and look down at it saying this is something i created with my husband so dont put ur self down just think postive
  • My first pregnancy to get this far, 7 weeks tomorrow. I am so bloated and also gained 6lbs! Anyone also gain weight? I am a normal bmi. My face is really showing the weight as is my stomach. I am eating healthy but the weight just keeps packing on
  • I am only 5 weeks and feel this way! I had 13 large fibroids removed in October that had expanded my uterus to approx 4 months pregnant. With our first frozen embryo transfer success this month (yay!!!!) I don't think my swelling post-surgery was totally gone. Now I feel like it's just expanding even more and I'm so self-conscious. Prior to fertility treatments and the fibroid distension I spent a lot of time exercising but haven't been able to physically do much in the past year or so. That's affecting my whole mood too. So thrilled to finally have my BFP....but struggling a bit too with my self-image.
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