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Nausea feeling gone at 7 weeks

I was quite nauseus during 5 and 6 weeks but now I am not , is this normal , has anyone felt same . 

Re: Nausea feeling gone at 7 weeks

  • Please introduce yourself in introductions and read “read this first” and you’ll see there are places for questions like these! 
  • Hey! This is my first pregnancy and I am about 9 weeks along. My nausea started week 6 and peaked last week (week 8). This week I feel a lot better with only minor morning nausea. Everyone is different so I would think this is normal 😊 from what I've read elsewhere it could and probably will come back eventually, but until then I am getting in some workouts. I would say enjoy it while you can! Best of luck!
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  • Thanks :) , it definitely make me feel better.   I have next ultrasound on Oct 26 and this wait time is making me very anxious sometimes. 
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