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What my pregnant self is eating (or not eating) - October

Re: What my pregnant self is eating (or not eating) - October

  • With my first baby all I could eat was tacos I craved them and they were the only thing I could eat and not throw right back up. This baby has other, less fun, plans. All I’m craving are green smoothies and salads. This is the worst. 
  • @marionberry19 I craved salads with my first! And I am not a salad person. All I wanted was a southwest chicken salad (without chicken because I had a huge aversion to chicken the entire pregnancy). With my second, I craved burger, fries, root beer, and sausage McMuffins. 

    I usually don't get cravings until second trimester, but I do get aversions during the first trimester. Hasn't happened yet but I'm sure it's coming. 

    Right now I'm trying to eat two eggs and whole wheat toast in the morning. Then snack on nuts and cheese in the mid-morning with some fruit if we have any. I'm terrible at eating lunch and usually just snack until dinner. And I'm so hungry I want to eat everything in the fridge. Probably need to get a better pattern down.
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  • I need guacamole and strawberries like immediately lol 

    @starkette I wanted salads all the time with my second too! I hated salads before him and now I still love them! 
  • @marionberry19 Tacos sound good!

    I usually love broccoli, but don't want it now. I usually like sweets as well, but have been craving fruit.

    I have been craving lemonade as well. 
  • My craving for tonight. Thank goodness I found a man who likes to cook because lord knows I can’t stand it. 
  • My husband made deer stew last night which I normally love but just the smell made me almost vomit. I also have been having a hard time with smoked things. Craving chocolate, pickles, and French fries
  • Mgmac I agree saltines are a lifesaver! I’m having so many aversions it makes me cry sometimes 🤣 I’ll be so hungry but the thought of anything makes me want to puke 😭
  • I just don’t want anything! Like nothing at all sounds good, and if it does, as soon as I have it I’m like “actually…. no”.  Candy has been my go to (very healthy) 
  • @scostel2 I feel the same way. I don't want to eat anything.  I've been doing chex mix regularly but thats me forcing myself. 
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  • I seem to always crave really icy super fruity smoothies in the first trimester.  I also craved Stella D'oro anisette sponge the other day.  So far my aversions have been so random.  Pumpkin muffins, cottage cheese, last night DH wasn't home so I made myself and kids pesto linguini and roasted broccoli and I couldn't stomach the pasta (I just made a comment on someone's post about pesto too!  I jinxed it!)     
  • @romeoandjuliet146 yesss to lemonade! What the heck! 😂

    I basically only want to eat spicy chicken sandwiches from McDonald’s or Culver’s. That goes really well with the constant nausea 
  • @mamachameleon I was really craving french fries today.

    @bender29 After watching "Only Murders in the Building" I also craved hummus since that character eats it all the time. I watched it after you said you watched it. I like the show a lot now.
  • @romeoandjuliet146 during my first pregnancy all I craved was fries! With gravy! I ate it soo much.
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  • @scostel2 I ate Sour Patch Kids today. Helps when I feel nauseous.

    @kaceyallan Sounds good!
  • @romeoandjuliet146 Sour patch kids always end up on my cravings list.  But I have limit how many I eat cause I’ll burn my tongue with them and I can’t taste anything 
  • @bender29 my pregnancy craving last pregnancy was spicier chicken sandwiches/bowls, like from Chipotle or similar. Already requested Chipotle 2x since finding out I was pregnant this time around!
  • Last night was the first time I got kind of nauseous during dinner. Didn't want to finish and it was just chicken and rice, basically. I don't have any cravings yet, but eating a lot of nuts, eggs for breakfast, fruit, veggies...trying to be healthy but all I want are french fries, but that's a normal ME craving hahaha.
  • Idk what I’m eating because now everything besides carbs sounds gross to me. Didn’t think I’d be turning down pizza, but here we are! 
  • @mgmac too funny. I have crackers in my room and my 19 Month old is eating them at night and in morning too now. She’s screaming for her crackers too. She’s doing this pregnancy with me!
  • @idreamofginny I'm a big spicy chicken craver!   DH got me a spicy chicken sandwich from Chik fil A for lunch yesterday and it was heaven.  With DD1 one I couldn't get enough Chipotle.  

  • @starkette I had french fries last night and want more today!

    @cheraec That's cute about your daughter and the crackers.
  • I'm all about pizza and really wanting chili cheese fries (haven't gotten those yet)! So far haven't really been not eating anything because between the all day sickness, I'm always wanting a snack. Which I usually eat lots of fruits and veggies.
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  • No cravings yet but I can’t seem to ever decide if I am hungry, feel disgustingly bloated, gagging at the thought of food, or all at the same time. My gag reflex and nausea is so much stronger this time around. Ugh. 
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  • @cheraec My 19-month-old has also developed a fondness for mommy's I-guess-I-have-to-eat-something crackers. She will yell "CRACK!" until she receives one.
  • Last time all I could handle was pasta for the first trimester. Now I can’t stand the thought of it. All I want to eat is greasy horrible food! And a bagel with lox. 😫
  • @mauvelousone I love it. Do you have a March 2020 babe too?
  • My pregnancy nausea must eat is Tootsie Pop Drops.  Not the sucker, not the minis.  The stupid drops.  They just make me feel so much better.  My $25 Amazon order came today thank goodness.  Also craving everything sugar.
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  • Pickles and zuppa Tuscano from Olive Garden - and zofran because I can’t keep anything down 
  • I described trying to eat dinner last night to my husband as being on Fear Factor. I have to eat whatever I'm craving when I'm craving it, otherwise I'm too nauseous and grossed out to eat.
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    I don't have any aversions and I'm not nauseous, but my appetite is kinda crap. In the mornings I used to wake up feeling hungry and now I'm looking at the 2nd half of my avocado toast going "meh." Only made it because I should eat breakfast. I know my doctor's going to tell me to gain weight too because I'm slightly underweight, I just don't feel like eating.
  • I've discovered that I can stomach Annie's mac and cheese (the orange shells specifically) if my husband makes it and I mix in peas.  This will be my go to meal for a while.  
  • @kfrob I’m glad you found something you can stomach. I hate to yuck your yum but reading that just made me vom. Who knew my hatred of peas would be so magnified with this baby. 
  • @marionberry19 oh no!!!!  Sorry  :s
  • @kfrob how did you end up finding a food you could eat. Was it like a craving and you indulged it? I can’t keep anything down anymore. 
  • @marionberry19 DH made some for the kids and it just hit me.  Most of the time I don't want to eat anything.  Or I think I want to eat something and then I want to throw it up immediately afterwards.  I think it might be the perfect balance of flavor and bland and not to heavy.  I'm going to try soup too.  I remembered tolerating it last pregnancy.  
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