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UO Thursday 10.14

Share your unpopular opinions and watch the drama unfold! 😂

Re: UO Thursday 10.14

  • Ok I'll go...

    I don't think Hocus Pocus is that good of a movie 🤷‍♀️ I don't understand the obsession. Also, I'm not a huge Halloween fan so maybe that's why lol
  • I might receive a lot of hate for this….

    but I absolutely love candy corn and peeps🤷🏻‍♀️ I don’t understand why everyone hates on them lol
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  • @alynicole30 my spouse does too. He loves candy corn, peeps, and circus peanuts. I give him so much grief about it. I don't hate them but they just taste like sugar to me.  Too sweet. 
  • Gah! Not the candy corn. 

    I don’t like cooking my top Raman. I smash it up, sprinkle the season and eat it like chips. 
  • Ewww candy corn and peeps. Although not gonna lie I used to like candy corn. It's far too sweet for me now. 
  • I don’t like candy corn, but I do like the little candy pumpkins that are basically the same thing lol. And peeps are my jam. If you’ve never tried a peeps s’more, you’ve never lived
  • Lol believe it or not, I actually know a couple people who do this with their ramen. I’ve never been able to make myself try it.
  • I've put Ramen like that on my salads as a crunchy topping, but now I'm tempted to try it on its own. 
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