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June 2022 Moms

WTF Wednesday

Who/what has got you saying WTF today? 

Re: WTF Wednesday

  • My potty trained four year old out of no where has started having multiple accidents a day 😅 not sure what’s going on. He’s got a speech delay so sometimes he tries to avoid talking but he’s been starting to catch up lately and he’s been talking more so who knows and my 1 year old hasn’t been sleeping but DH has been totally taking care of that at night so I can sleep. Ugh he’s a saint. 
  • Work. But that's every day lol.
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  • All these small fires I keep running into at work, a couple have literally made me say WTF! Dang you mercury retrograde, that's what I am blaming everything on!

    @Daisy22, omg that's crazy around your house! 
    Me: 34 DH: 33
    DD: 07/19/18
    EDD: 06/22/22
  • We have one car where the brake light keeps randomly coming on and then turning off so I finally decide to be an adult and make an appointment to get it fixed tomorrow, since ya know I don’t want to die driving it, and then DH went to go leave for practice tonight (coaches a college team as a side hustle so we can afford our million kids) and the other car won’t start.  When it rains it pours! 
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    @daisy0322 Nooooooo! Is a potty training regression a thing? Maybe he has like a sixth sense you're pregnant? Hopefully it’s short lived. 

    I agree that work is always a WTF 

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  • @KFrob ugh I’m thinking it’s a regression it’s pretty common according to Dr. Google lol
  • @daisy0322 my 3 year old actually started doing the same thing. Her teachers are actually making her wear pullups now. It is so frustrating... i think she literally just decided its easier just to pee in her pants and doesn't care.
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