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TWW Tuesday 10/12

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Typical LP length: 




Re: TWW Tuesday 10/12

  • Month/Cycle: 1/1 AL

    CD/DPO: 21/8

    Timing: good

    Typical LP length: 12ish

    Testing: WFAF (or Saturday, depending on how antsy I am)

    R/R: Figured we’ll get some more threads at the top of this board…to bury others. So happy Tuesday, y’all! I’m drinking a lukewarm cup of coffee at 10:18 because I am incapable of drinking a cup of coffee in a timely manner. I feel like it is the exact right temperature for exactly five minutes and I am too much of a sipper to drink it in that timeframe. These are your mundane Tuesday thoughts with abjm0325 for the morning.

    CS/Q: Nope

  • @abjm0325 I always go for iced because when I attempt anything warm, I go through the same thing lol. 

    Month/Cycle: 3/3AL

    CD/DPO: 21/9

    Timing: "good"

    Typical LP length: 13/14

    Testing: I caved last night because I have been SS like crazy and felt a little off and wanted to drink lol. Holding off on doing it again until at least tomorrow, maybe a few more days. 

    R/R: This week is super busy for me, so I apologize in advance if I am MIA this week. In good news, the weather this week is so nice, which is a great fall change. Also - what should I get for lunch today? LOL talk about random.

    CS/Q: Still all over the board. Thanks, sickness..

    Me: 34  DH: 34
    Married 10/28/17
    Our TTC Journey
    TTC #1 February '18
    Team Green turned Team Blue 10/15/18

    TTC #2 January '21
    BFP June '21
    MMC/Blighted Ovum that led to D&C July '21
    Jan '22 - started IF testing
    BFP Jan '22
    MMC/Blighted Ovum that led to D&C Feb '22
    BFP May '22

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  • @abjm0325 I feel this! The first sip is lava, sips 2-7 are perfect and then it is bath water!
    @tessiesmom26 oooo that is one of my fave questions to answer for somebody haha. Mt go-to is a "fancy" BLT - I usually add red onions, green peppers, banana peppers, and if the place has sprouts or a yummy aioli! 

    Month/Cycle: 3/3

    CD/DPO: 27 / either 15 or 7

    Timing: I'll classify it as "probably okay" 

    Typical LP length: 11 ish usually but the last couple of cycles have been weird. 

    Testing: Not sure. I might test once this week or weekend. Mostly just WFAF I think

    R/R: My family is coming over this weekend to celebrate my birthday early and to help with a small building project! We moved to VT from NH a year ago and only a few friends have come to the new house so I am excited for my family to visit. But this also means intense cleaning from now until then...which also means my type-A cleaning list has been created 😂

    CS/Q: Going for my ultrasound/blood work next Monday and apparently next week is when we are giving the SA sample too (mind you we have had the cup for 3 weeks....but I digress). Anything I should expect from my appointment that isn't obvious? How quick is the turn around time for the results usually? Also, since my cycles have been kind of weird lately, what happens if I haven't started AF yet - will I need to reschedule?

  • Month/Cycle: 11/2AL

    CD/DPO: 17/2

    Timing: i think we squeaked in a +1, everything else is crap thanks to sniffles and separate travel

    Typical LP length: 12-14 days

    Testing: doubtful

    R/R: currently bidding on a used ava bracelet on ebay... that escalated quickly from my TTCAL post. lol

    CS/Q: nada

    @abjm0325 like @tessiesmom26 i tend to go for the iced for that reason. also we just ordered lunch at the office, i went with a cheesesteak wrap bc if i'm ordering lunch i'm indulging. packing is for healthy.

    @jellie603 happy early birthday!!

  • @tessiesmom26 Hope you enjoyed that drink last night at least!

    @jellie603 Happy early birthday! Good luck on that cleaning spree. I hate cleaning, but always feel better when it’s done.

    @anniemarie887 I agree that ordering out is for indulgence! I can make a salad at home.

  • @abjm0325 Those are perfect and entirely correct musings.
    @tessiesmom26 I will also be doing the “test early to be in the clear for drinking” thing tomorrow lol
    @jellie603 Is it day 3 bloodwork? I haven’t had it, but I would guess if AF hasn’t started you will end up rescheduling. There may be a +-1 day window, but I don’t know for sure. And holy cow that fancy BLT sounds amazing!
    @anniemarie887 Good luck on the eBay auction! I’ll be curious what you think about the ava bracelet. I’ve been tempted to try it but haven’t pulled the trigger on it. 

    Month/Cycle: 6/5

    CD/DPO: 28/9

    Timing: “good”

    Typical LP length: 11ish

    Testing: Tomorrow for (light) drinking purposes

    R/R: In a little bit of a better headspace today. My temp half way dropped so between that and general PMS stuff I’m expecting AF in a day or two. That eased my anxieties a little bit. Still not sleeping well though. But on the positive side, it’s a beautiful day and I have nothing to do this evening but relax.

    CS/Q: nope

  • Update: It's 2:21 pm and I still have coffee sitting in that cup. It might be time to call it. 
  • @anniemarie887 thank you! It is actually one week before Halloween, which is my favorite holiday, which makes the whole month feel like a celebration! 
    @abjm0325 thank you! I freaking hate cleaning too but making a list room by room helps me get it done. I do everything except dishes, they gross me out so MH always does them for me haha!
    @pinkkillersheep Yes it is the day 3 bloodwork but she said it could be "right around that window". I'm not too worried about the labs because I can just walk in without an appointment. But the ultrasound would definitely need to be rescheduled I'm thinking. And YES to the fancy BLTs, they're my specialty and I feel obligated to order it whenever there is one on a menu when we are out haha!
  • @jellie603 I'll also wish you a happy early birthday! That BLT sounds really good!
    @anniemarie887 I want to look more into this Ava bracelet thing.. hope you were able to score it!
    @pinkkillersheep I knew it was way early anyways to test, but I just wanted to feel comfortable to drink. I did enjoy my one drink though haha. 

    For anyone wondering.. I got a chicken pesto panini for lunch! Yummm..
    Me: 34  DH: 34
    Married 10/28/17
    Our TTC Journey
    TTC #1 February '18
    Team Green turned Team Blue 10/15/18

    TTC #2 January '21
    BFP June '21
    MMC/Blighted Ovum that led to D&C July '21
    Jan '22 - started IF testing
    BFP Jan '22
    MMC/Blighted Ovum that led to D&C Feb '22
    BFP May '22

  • 18 hours left on my ebay auction, lol, i feel like i'm back in 2001 over here. one person on fb marketplace hasn't responded, and the other doesn't want to negotiate as much as i would like. so i've got options! 
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