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Advice anyone?!

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Re: Advice anyone?!

  • it it looks negative to me. May be try a different pregnancy test? I always used First Response and it always gives clear reading. Two bright lines when pregnant and one line when not pregnant without any fading second line. 
  • A couple months ago I think I had a chemical pregnancy about 2/3 months ago as I had a faint line delayed period but eventually my period came and was quite painful. Have had about 2 periods since it happened now I have a faint line again? I’m not sure if anyone else had has this or can see the faint line just would like some advice really I’m now 2 days late on my period had a negative yesterday but it’s showing this today?
    Qfp minus pic. There is literally a thread at the top of this board for pregnancy test pictures. That is the only place you are allowed to post them on the bump. Posting them anywhere (and everywhere) else is against terms of use.
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  • Was positive took clear blue but thanks anyway. 
  • Take one that is actually easy to read and take down the picture. As PP said, not supposed to post them, except in the sticky up top.
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