Father in law has no patience with toddler

Today my father in law went on a rant about my two year old son. 2 year old was playing with their door and father inaw asked him to stop but 2 year old ignored him and kept playing. Father in law lost patience and told my husband that our son doesn't listen and that we all kiss his ass and don't correct him. He also brought up an example of a time when our son was 18 months old and wouldn't listen to him when he told him to do something. He insists that the 2 year old is manipulating us and told my husband to f* off.  We left with our kids but not sure what to do now. I don't know if I feel comfortable with father in law watching 2 year old anymore because I'm afraid of what might happen if he does lose his patience and get frustrated with my son. Any thoughts or support would be great lu appreciated.
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