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1st Trimester

1st trimester ✨leakage✨

califromdamaccalifromdamac member
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Ok based on my lmp, I’m 7wks…however I’m doubting I’m that far. I go to the obgyn next Friday. Anywho, I’m jus casually squeezing my boob (as one does when bored) and feel liquid..🙂 not my first pregnancy; I have a 10yr old and a 5yr old. I just don’t remember leaky t!ts is early.

Re: 1st trimester ✨leakage✨

  • starkettestarkette member
    edited October 2021
    That's mostly likely not what you're feeling, there's no liquid in there yet. You can have feelings of fullness and tenderness, which can mess with our heads a lot, but your body won't start making colostrum until much later. Right now, your glands and milk ducts are developing though. 
  • When I say feel liquid…I mean literally wetness on my fingers. I squeezed some out. I recorded it for my bf (he was at work) cause he thought I was trippin too
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  • harpseal135harpseal135 member
    edited October 2021
    Simple Google answer. 
  • @harpseal135 google is such a magical resource. It’s a wonder more people don’t know about it!!
  • I googled too :) But I've NEVER heard of this before. Weird. 
  • I don’t remember asking a question…just sharing a pregnancy symptom I’ve had. 🙂
  • I don’t remember asking a question…just sharing a pregnancy symptom I’ve had. 🙂
    So you go out of your way to declare you have a discharge from your nipple public on the internet - but yet people respond and "just sharing a symptom." Then what was the point of the post if you don't want responses 🤷‍♀️  maybe check out your BMB, might be a bit more helpful, IDK
  • Oh darlin…I was referring the the “google” related smarmy replies. I forgot jus how petty people tend to get on this app. 
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