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10/4 Weekly Randoms

Chatter for the week of 10/4 here

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  • I’m at the tire store getting a tire fixed…. A recurring problem for me because of the terrible roads near where I live. So annoying. 
    My sister had her baby this weekend!  I didn’t think I’d be able to go because of visitor circumstances for the hospital but some things changed and I did get to go meet him yesterday! It was so special! 
  • I hate realistic dreams. I slept like crap last night (shocking) and right before I woke up, I had a very realistic dream that DD was kidnapped at a mall. Heart was racing when I woke up and when DH brought her into our bed this morning, I was secretly crying from relief 🤦🏼‍♀️
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    dd 7.6.2020

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  • I hate having super realistic dreams 

    It’s only Monday and I’m counting down to the weekend. And my friend asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. I told group in 10 weeks and will be that pregnant bridesmaid.
  • My dreams are always so realistic! Luckily last night was a good one celebrating my husbands 30th birthday.  

    I found out today I'll be changing positions at work to a role way more suited to my skills! It'll also be much easier to go on maternity leave with this new role since everyone I'll be managing is so self-sufficient.  
  • Pregnancy dreams are so weird. The other night I had a dream that I was incredibly stressed because I was at the store and couldn’t decide between a package of cannoli or a single donut. It was the BIGGEST decision and was so stressful. I woke up before I made the choice in my dream (which is so annoying!) I told DH about the dream and we were laughing because I actually don’t like cannoli in real life, so not sure why it was so stressful in the dream… haha 
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  • @karisahamdi Congratulations on your new position!

    @OneRainDrop I'm over here like, I would definitely take the donut. ;-) 

    I'm so annoyed at our daycare that I was practically in tears all afternoon yesterday (which was definitely hormone induced because this isn't the end of the world). DD couldn't attend all September because of her broken leg, which was understandable and I wouldn't have felt comfortable sending her. Now she's out of her ankle boot but still not confident in walking again, so she's reverted to crawling (she's 2 so that is a pretty big leap backward, but her leg is still weak). We wanted to send her back this week but they still won't take her (even though they can definitely handle children who cannot walk), and our moms, who were here helping out all month, have returned home. At least today her teacher finally sent lesson plans like she promised a month ago; I'm an easy-going person but I was really going to let loose on someone if we didn't get at least some lesson plans for the full tuition we continue to pay. :| On the plus side, I grabbed a Vtech Walker off my buy nothing group and that has helped tremendously in just 24 hours. 
  • Yesterday was rough, I had a horrible headache all day. I didn’t eat great bc of it but today is a new day and I’m excited to start the day. My dog woke me up at 7, or was it the insomnia (not really sure). And now my youngest is up and calling for me! Guess it’s time to start the day! 
  • Any ladies experiencing dry or cracked nipples? I found this weird for the first trimester. I'm going to ask my doctor on my next visit but curious to know if anyone else has experience this?
  • tacosandtumstacosandtums member
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    YES! My nips are already dry and cracking. Very sore, too. If it bothers you you might try some lanolin. @knottied096179577be668

    edit having a hard time tagging you 
  • @Bababatty that's so frustrating that DD can't go back to daycare! I would be so upset as well. 

    Ugh, I'm frustrated that I keep losing weight. Was hoping to see a small gain or maintenance after vacation, but no, I lost 2 more lbs. I thought I did so well with my eating too, because I ate so much and everything was cooked in butter or fat, etc. My OB didn't want me to lose any more weight (I had already lost 2 lbs), so hopefully by the time I go back in 3 weeks I've put some back on. So now I'm having a smoothie/milkshake combo in the hopes that I can cram more calories in, but of course, I'm halfway done with it and super full, and I have another cold, which has killed my appetite 😩 
  • @pajamstagrams I'll gladly share some lbs gained with you. I think I'm only up a few pounds but a lot of it looks like bloat. What is the recommendation your OB is giving you for your first tri weight goals?

  • @And846 he just said "DON'T LOSE ANY MORE" lol. I don't think there are any goals for gaining since he knows I'm going to struggle to maintain. With DD I couldn't gain weight until 18 weeks, got a GI bug and lost all that weight again, and then didn't really gain until 20 weeks, which he definitely wasn't thrilled about. But I had so many more food aversions with her, so I was hoping this time would be different. But I guess I just don't have a big appetite and I get full super quick. Frustrating because I don't actually lose weight quickly normally...it took me a year to lose the 10 lbs I gained in 2020, and I was working out too 🙄

    I'm not super skinny, so it's not like I'm at risk of being underweight (would need to lose like 30+ lbs, which I'm pretty confident won't happen), but it's obviously not good that I'm constantly in a calorie deficit. 
  • @pajamstagrams Could you try "Boost" or some other powder shake thing meant for weight gain? Way back in the day when I was a preteen my doctor put me on something like that because I was having trouble gaining weight (if only they'd waited a few years, I had no trouble in college, lol). It does sound really frustrating that you're doing all the right things and not even having many food aversions but still not able to gain weight. Does it sound like your body just channels most of the calories into baby's development? 

    I took today off because DH teaches all day on Fridays and I'm the only one home with DD--so we took an excursion to the zoo (there's a smaller one that's closer to us, but this is the BIG one). Getting there on public transit was stressful, but it's so much fun and totally worth it. DD would have gone around and around on the monorail if I'd let her because it was a really great view of a bunch of animals. Definitely need to go back with DH (plus he can help me with the stroller on the subway). DD is also starting to walk short distances on her own; I think she'll be out of daycare another week, but we're definitely over the hump. 
  • I found LO on the doppler at home! 10 weeks today
  • @Bababatty well I did add protein powder & yogurt to my ice cream milkshake this morning 😂  I'm not concerned with baby not getting enough... provided I don't lose too much more. DD was a big ol' girl in the end so I know baby will take whatever they need. I was able to eat (what I think) was a lot today despite my nausea/aversions hitting a peak so I just need to indulge in whatever sounds good at the time I suppose (aka chipotle). 

    So glad your DD enjoyed the zoo! It's definitely one of our favorite outings. 
  • @Bababatty the zoo sounds like a great day. Did DD have a favorite animal that she saw? 

    @pajamstagrams ha! Yes to that chipotle. I’m currently on a Chick-fil-A only phase. I hope it ends soon though.

    afm, going into the weekend off with zero plans outside of a hour long ballet class today. I feel kind bad since i like to have activities lined up for DD so we will see where the wind takes us.
  • @And846 @pajamstagrams I definitely did not appreciate the zoo as an adult until I had a kid. I think her favorite this time was the tiger. Also mmmmmm chipotle..... nom nom nom

    @And846 I'm curious to hear what adventures you take this weekend. Have fun!

    @pajamstagrams Ha! I figured you were already on top of the protein powder. :-D Hopefully your nausea/aversion flareup dies down in a bit, but enjoy the free reign on chipotle and whatever else sounds good! :)
  • @Bababatty you know, I think all that food yesterday helped me feel better today! So much less nauseous. Or maybe it's the way my cold shifted into a sinus infection, and now I'm not coughing anymore (which would trigger dry heaves)...either way, my nausea is better today 🤷‍♀️ also, definitely had chipotle for lunch again today 😂
  • Glad I checked this post today…. Now I need chipotle and chick fil a ASAFP 🤣
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