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1st Trimester

1st trimester itchiness

Hi! I’ve noticed that since i found out I was pregnant (3.5 weeks) I’ve been sooooo itchy all over my body. It may go away for a few days then come back soon after again. It keeps me up all night and drives me nuts. My OB doesn’t think it’s pregnancy related ( I’ve had it a few random times over the past year) but now it’s almost every day! Anyone else feel have this? 

Re: 1st trimester itchiness

  • My skin also seems much itchier/drier! I’m 5w1d and just started getting really itchy the last 3 days.
  • I've definitely been itchy since about 4 weeks (6 now). Especially on my breasts which is why I think it's definitely pregnancy related.
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  • I had horrendous itchiness in my first pregnancy, though not that early. Lots of things might cause it, but in my case it was pregnancy causing my eczema to flair terribly. Itchiness wasn't a normal eczema symptom for me, so it took foreeeeever to figure it out. 

    Skin can generally get more sensitive in pregnancy.  A few things that helped me were switching to a scent free laundry detergent and avoiding liquid fabric softener. I eventually ended up needing a steroid cream for a few days to get the worst of the flare under control. 

  • I’ve been SO ITCHY and wondered if it’s pregnancy related!
  • Ditto- also very itchy here. 
  • I’m always itchy during pregnancy. I also think I’m more susceptible to irritation around hair follicles. So if I’m wearing leggings every day, for instance, and I’ve recently shaved my legs, I get SUPER itchy. I’ve found that switching up my clothes, not wearing leggings or skinny jeans everyday, helps. Could be all in my head, but sharing in case it’s helpful. Also slathering myself in lotion. 
  • I hope this helps someone! I am in my 1st trimester as well, and while I hate lotions that make me feel greasy, I was so itchy. While thinking of having a baby one day whenever I was blessed I’ve done tons of research on ways to help your skin and many other areas I researched to prepare as well. I use straight Vitamin E oil and I apply it every day after I shower, sometimes twice a day depending on the day. My skin has never been so soft, it even softens my body hair as it seems to be growing at an alarming rate. I do have some preexisting stretch marks from weight gain, that I’ve now lost, I find to be super itchy. While I’ve only gained 3-5 pounds so far and I’m only 7 weeks today. I chalked it up to mostly bloating and the swelling of my boobs, which are awful sore. So I knew I hadn’t gained weight to make my skin itchy. The vitamin E oil has saved me! I hope it helps anyone else. 🥰💕
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