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Previous laparoscopic myomectomy with complications

Hi everyone, 
I had a laparoscopic (robotic) myomectomy in 2017 which resulted in major complications - blood loss resulting in my body going into DIC!
I am now thrilled to be 18 weeks pregnant but in a lot of fear - due to my fibroid removal, doctors are recommending a planned c-section for delivery, so, another surgery of sorts. 
Has anyone experienced anything similar? 
Would love to hear from you.  

Re: Previous laparoscopic myomectomy with complications

  • Yes! I had an abdominal (open) myomectomy in 2017. Recovery was rough, but I had my son July 2020. I had a scheduled c-section because of my surgery (your uterus may not be able to handle labor which would be dangerous). All went well! 
  • Glad to hear! Thanks for your response! 
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