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Weekend Check-In 10/1-10/3

(I know it’s Thursday, but this way it’ll be ready for tomorrow haha). 
Figured from now on we can do weekly check
-ins on mondays but just to get to know all the new people, I’ll post this for the weekend. 
Please feel free to create weekly posts on mondays, don’t wait for me. I think it makes it easier than a lot of one-offs. 

Est Due Date / Weeks + Days:


Upcoming Appointments:

How are you feeling?:



GTKY - Do you decorate for Fall/Halloween? If yes, when do you start? 


Re: Weekend Check-In 10/1-10/3

  • Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: June 4th, 4+6


    Upcoming Appointments: First appointment is October 13th. CANT WAIT.

    How are you feeling?: Exhausted and bloated 

    Rants/Raves: My hips already hurt. That didn't happen til like 14 weeks when I was pregnant with my son 


    GTKY - Do you decorate for Fall/Halloween? If yes, when do you start? I'd like to but not this year
  • Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: June 1st, 5+3


    Upcoming Appointments: October 18th. Feels like it's so far away.

    How are you feeling?: Exhausted, and backaches.

    Rants/Raves: my belly is already too big for my pants. I'm already having to wear extenders.


    GTKY - Do you decorate for Fall/Halloween? If yes, when do you start?  I do a little not a lot. I generally start end of September but haven't gotten around to it yet this year.
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  • Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: June 8th 4+2


    Upcoming Appointments: First ultrasound is scheduled for October 28th. Idk how we will wait that long!

    How are you feeling?: Soooo tired.

    Rants/Raves: I feel like I can't get comfortable at all at night.


    GTKY - Do you decorate for Fall/Halloween? If yes, when do you start? Yes! Fall and Halloween are my absolute favorite, but we are in the process of getting our house ready to sell so all of our fall decor is in our storage unit this year.
  • Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: June 5th 4+5


    Upcoming Appointments: 6.5 week ultrasound on oct 13th

    How are you feeling?: Totally normal? I’m tired, but I have 1.5 year old twins, so I’m always tired 😂

    Rants/Raves: I don’t have any food aversions yet! Which I’m not sure is a rant or a rave. Last time around there were very few things that I could stomach


    GTKY - Do you decorate for Fall/Halloween? If yes, when do you start? I LOVE fall and it’s my favorite to decorate for, but I haven’t in years. I usually start at the end of August, but just haven’t had the energy to think about it. Now we have two boys who think anything on a flat space needs to be yeeted across the room, so it doesn’t make any sense to try.
  • Est Due Date / Weeks + Days:
    June 8th, 4weeks 2 days


    Upcoming Appointments: just had my betas tested today, waiting to hear about my follow ups / scheduling early ultrasound

    How are you feeling?: tired, bloated and back is a little sore 

    Rants/Raves: I’ve started waking up between 3 and 4 needing to pee and can’t get back to sleep. One of my cats loves it but I am not a fan haha


    GTKY - Do you decorate for Fall/Halloween? If yes, when do you start? I usually decorate the front step a bit for Halloween but don’t normally do it until right before Halloween. Today for a treat for myself I got a cute white, pink and dark green/almost black pumpkin for the step. 
  • @mamachameleon I just started the bloat today and ugh. Not fair, too early. Lol. 

    @ournextadventure I feel ya on pants feeling too tight already. My due date is June 2, so right behind you. 

    @furmama2babymama I don’t know how we’re gonna wait so long for first appointments either! Selling your house? That’s exciting, I hope. 

    @bender29 1.5yo twin boys! Omg you’re super mom. I remember when my son was 1.5 (he’s 5 now) and yeah nothing on a flat surface survived anything hahaha. We keep all decorations outside. 

    @mgmac oohh that pumpkin sounds really cute. Is it real or one you can reuse every year? Those are so convenient but I love going to the pumpkin patch and picking a couple with my son. He wants ALL of them though haha. 

    Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: June 2, 5 +1


    Upcoming Appointments: stupid Covid. Virtual appointment at 6 weeks in Oct 12, then first in person & ultrasound appointment not until 10-12 weeks. I’m so not happy with this. 

    How are you feeling?: EXHAUSTED!! Some waves of nausea here and there. Nothing unmanageable so far. And today I started feeling bloated. Even though my pants aren’t tight, still feels like buttons are painful, and my bra feels tight too. Looking at maternity bras now. Feels like it’s all so soon lol. 

    Rants/Raves: did I mention I’m upset at my OB’s new Covid appointment set up? How am I supposed to wait 10-12 weeks to even confirm a heartbeat! Anyway. Looks like the humidity is finally gone for good. I’m happy about that. We’ve been having those perfect sunny 70s days here. That means our veggie garden is still going. 

    Questions: nothing I can think of for now. 

    GTKY - Do you decorate for Fall/Halloween? If yes, when do you start? 
    We usually keep decorations to outside. Last year bc if the pandemic we went all out with front yard decorations. We usually only focus on Christmas but now Halloween too. We’re THAT house on the street that goes crazy hahaha. Probably next week we’ll start set up, it takes a few days: headstones, skeletons, skulls, etc. We have Billy’s head from Hocus Pocus. Other houses have set out some decorations so my 5yo s panicking that we’re behind already hahaha. 

  • @hgsurvivor my doctor told me now if you’re not high risk you have to wait until week 12 for an ultrasound and I agree that is wild! That’s so long to wait to confirm a heartbeat, etc. I am considered high risk so I am getting early checks this time. Our Covid restrictions are pretty relaxed here at the moment but a year ago would have been very different.
  • @hgsurvivor also I should clarify: I got 3 pumpkins. I did not write that out correctly. Can I blame it on being exhausted all the time? Lol
  • Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: June 5th

    FTM/STM/TTM+: FTM (sorta, my son was stillborn in 2020 plus 3 miscarriages)

    Upcoming Appointments: October 13th
    (6 weeks)

    How are you feeling?: tired, some cramping, little bit of nausea and sensitive breasts just in the mornings. Also very anxious and nervous!!



    GTKY - Do you decorate for Fall/Halloween? If yes, when do you start? 
    Whenever I can convince my husband to bring the fall decor out of the attic lol
  • Hope everyone had a great weekend! 

    Eat due date is likely June 10; my first four kiddos were all overdue so I’ll probably add a few days, at least, to that. 

    No appointment scheduled but I’m going to call on Monday - not anxious to get to the ob, but during and shortly after my last delivery there was some concern about pre-eclampsia. The doctor said if we have another I’d probably want to start on the medication super early, so I’ll need to check on that. 

    How I feeling?  It’s all surreal. I’m getting older and I we have only been trying for 3 months and I was pretty sure I wasn’t pregnant. I took a few early tests and there was definitely a line on all of them, although the faintest of ever seen. I tested again yesterday and the line was much darker, so all in all it’s looking good. Feeling so tired and starting to be nauseous later in the day. I changed a poo diaper in the afternoon and felt like I was going to puke. :/
  • Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: I think my due date is June 5, so 5 weeks today


    Upcoming Appointments: my appointment is on October 20th

    How are you feeling?: overall, not bad. Very tired and achy, but can’t complain really. 

    Rants/Raves: being a working mom kinda sucks. With my first pregnancy, I was a graduate student and got pregnant over the summer. When I needed a nap, I could just nap. That’s not something I can do now 😞

    Questions: none yet 

    GTKY - Do you decorate for Fall/Halloween? If yes, when do you start? We decorated a week ago. It’s our first Halloween in our new house, so we kind of went all out with the Halloween decorations!
  • @pregnancyafterloss thanks for sharing. I recently had a MC as well and I am super nervous and anxious every time I have a cramp or anything really. Feels surreal to be pregnant again so hoping for 🌈 Sending you lots of love!
  • Est Due Date / Weeks + Days: June 3, 5+3

    FTM/STM/TTM+: FTM!!!

    Upcoming Appointments: Tomorrow they will do a prenatal blood panel; Around the 15th we'll do a 7 week ultrasound.

    How are you feeling? Excited and nervous - without any symptoms I just want to be further along so I can tell people and buy cute baby things! Also nervous about the expenses from now on.. it will be hard to suddenly be strict with spending.

    Rants/Raves:  We still haven't decided who will stay home with baby next year, I live in China and my husband is Chinese, so the normal thing here is to have in-laws raise the baby. We have also discussed my taking a year off teaching or him taking a year off his job. There are pros and cons to all solutions.. but none of them seem overhelmingly "right."

    Questions: Anyone have a stay-at-home hubby? I would love to hear about your experience!

    GTKY - We live in a 3 bedroom apartment.. besides a couple cinnamon scented candles, I'm not that into fall decorating. Maybe one day if we live in a house with a yard!
  • @ermsmcg my husband started staying home full time in August 2020. My kids were 3 and 4 when he started staying home, so we were well out of the baby phase. But, he loves it and so do I. And he will remain a SAHD when this one arrives. The older ones will both be in school all day, so he'll have a lot of "one on one" time with the baby...
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