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Today is really taken a toll on me.. It's been a little over a month since my MC with mine and my husband's first child. We just got married in Feb and this MC has really devastated me. My husband and I have been through so much the past 2 years from moving our wedding because covid to family losses due to covid, being without power in the Texas snow storm to that almost canceling out wedding in Feb. Then my MC in Aug. I can't have children naturally so I have alot of meds and endocrinologist visits for the first round. And now starting the whole process all over again hurts but we want children. Plus we had to move out of our apt the next day after I found out my baby was no longer visible on the sono. I had just told my family and in laws I was pregnant the week before (8wks pregnant) I was bleeding for days before but refused to believe that was a MC. I never got to take a real day off from work for myself. I did have time off for moving but that was hectic. Today I just can't seem to keep it together while sitting at my desk. I beat myself up for missing work just because I'm crying. I work from home so I feel even more bad for clocking out just to lay in bed and cry. I'm hoping writing my thoughts out helps me and maybe someone else going through similar things. I welcome the conversation. ❤

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  • No real advice or anything, just wanted to say I understand. I am currently going through my second miscarriage. We found out last week that baby had stopped growing and had no heartbeat but I’m still waiting for it to pass, which has been agonizing. Don’t beat yourself up for taking time off, the healing is mental and physical. I know from my personal experience I just feel completely exhausted even though there is physically nothing actually wrong with me. That’s been the hardest part is just dragging myself around the house trying to make sure the basics are taken care of. I’m dreading going back to work.
  • I just found out tonight that I'm miscarrying due to a lab to check my hormones because I'm spotting. I feel kind of numb and shocked, like how did this happen... I know I shouldn't blame myself. This is really hard. 
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  • I just had a miscarriage early Tuesday morning at 7 weeks and 2 days. It has been difficult to process and often feels like no one quite understands. I was in the shower and suddenly starting bleeding quite heavily, passed large clots of tissue, and saw a little sac come out too. Unfortunately miscarriages are much more common then I thought. My heart goes out to all of you who experienced the same. If anyone wants to talk and there’s a way to reach out beyond this app, I’d love that.
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