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Weekly randoms 9.27

Re: Weekly randoms 9.27

  • @photographerwife Ohh, exciting! FX for good, healthy news!
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  • @photographerwife awwwww! fx for a babe in a good position with good news too :)
  • @photographerwife saw the US thread update. Glad everything went well!
  • thanks for the well wishes today guys! :) 
  • It is crazy to me that the June BMB is already open.  2 years ago, I had just recently gotten a BFP for DS2 and was cautiously optimistic that he would be a THB. I was also 100% convinced until my anatomy scan that he was a girl lol.
  • @makingbacon Yes time is FLYING this time around. I cannot believe I'll be halfway through on Friday. 

    AFM, I just officially registered myself as a full-time remote worker at work. It was a little bit emotional because I never saw myself as someone who would want to WFH full time. But I definitely feel blessed to have the option. Even without COVID I don't need to be dragging my pregnant belly on public transportation every day during flu season.
  • @kaf1788 Will you be able to go into the office if you need interaction? I don't blame you on public transportation during flu season.  We are bracing ourselves for flu season this year and hoping that our flu shots (getting them next week!) will cover us.
  • @makingbacon yea we already didn’t have assigned seats in the office so I can still reserve a seat and go in if the mood strikes me. It’s going to be a pretty ideal scenario I think!
  • I’m drawing a blank on what to dress DS2 up as for Halloween. DS1 is Gekko from PJ Masks, so I was going to make DS2 a tiny Catboy, but they don’t sell costumes small enough for him. I could attempt to DIY it, but I’m not handy, and the mom guilt will be real if DS1 has a good costume, and DS2 is in a not so great DIY attempt. So yeah, I’m stuck. It has to be something warm, or have the ability to wear winter clothes under it because the odds of it being cold are pretty good. We could even see a few snowflakes if we’re unlucky. 
  • @makingbacon have you looked online? Idk your sizes, but I just saw pj masks at Walmart in all kinds of sizes, and my go to for Halloween costumes is target. They always have cute stuff! 
  • @photographerwife The smallest size for all the places I looked is a 2T, and he just moved into 12-18 month clothes. I apparently just had to complain about it though because I just found one on Etsy. Shipping was expensive, but I just didn’t look at it lol. So fingers crossed it fits. 
  • @makingbacon oh yeah, I didn’t realize he was still small! I think all they had was a 2t too! Hopefully it’ll work out:) 
  • Meh. Get the slightly too big costume and pin if needed 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • @angelz429 The one I ordered on Etsy will be a little big. It should give him enough room for another layer of clothes under it because it’ll probably be cold. 
  • @ninrms I love the mug (#10 mom) haha!
  • @lexilougolden It cracks me up! Just ran across her comics on Buzzfeed lol 🙈

    By the way, it occurred to me that I should clarify the comic is NOT a reflection of my experience with Bump moms, who seem to be really kind and supportive about everything!! (Both this group and my first bump month club have been awesome.)  The comic reminded me of any debate I’ve seen in my Facebook parenting groups, or especially if I make the mistake of googling an issue lol.
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    @ninrms the safe sleep while breastfeeding group was the worst I’d ever seen. 😳 I mean of course we all want our babies to sleep safe and be healthy but good lord. Don’t you dare throw a blanket in there! And sooo many scare stories. It was awful as a ftm. This group caused a lot of ppa for me. 
  • @photographerwife Omg, I can only imagine! I feel like sleep and formula/breastfeeding tend to be the most intense. Though the group that was so surprisingly militant to me was the babyled weaning group I briefly joined on FB. I mostly wanted to see the approach, and how I'd cut/prepare different whole foods for my son, but omg--the mods scared me out of EVER wanting to post or even comment lol. The group's mentality was definitely, "IF YOU EVER EVER GIVE YOUR KID EVEN A SPOONFUL OF ANYTHING PUREED THEN YOU'RE NOT REALLY DOING BABYLED WEANING AND THAT WILL RUIN YOUR KID!" and...it just didn't seem to matter that much? I quit lol.
  • @ninrms omg! I can only imagine, I never joined any baby led weaning groups, and instead took a mix of both for my personal preferences. But I remember everyone saying how it was the ONLY WAY! 🙄 mom groups can be wild. Haha 
  • @photographerwife Yes! We did a mix too, depending what we had around and what I'd cooked, etc. And I honestly cared more about my kid getting a variety of flavors and textures of things than making sure he only ever ate "whole foods" or w/e. Oh well.
  • @ninrms omg yes I joined a baby led weaning group for one day and noped on out of there. I don’t understand how people could POSSIBLY be that intense about it. 
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