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Blighted ovum

Hello all. I am sincerely sorry for everyone’s loss.

I am currently going through a natural miscarriage. Was diagnosed with a possible blighted ovum Monday. Before I got the results from my 2nd blood draw, I started bleeding with a change of color instead of the spotting I had.

I wanted to share my story in case someone has something similar to mine (don’t give up hope though as it may be perfectly fine for you).

It started with light pink spotting turning brown, then going back to light pink and turning brown again for a week with cramping. I stopped spotting for a day and then started back up the day of my ultrasound. 2 days before my ultrasound I woke up and did not feel pregnant (after a day where I had severe cramping) and told my SO so. He told me it’s ok not to have the symptoms and I told him that it wasn’t that, but the feeling was gone. It was not something he would be able to understand. The day of my ultrasound the doctor did the pap and said she saw old blood and pink discharge on my cervix. Then comes the ultrasound. Everything looks good until my uterus. There was a yolk sac and nothing more (they had estimated I’d be at 8wks). The measurements of the yolk sac put me at late 5wks, or 6wks on the dot. They do a blood draw to measure my hcg level. Next day it comes back at 6,964. Yesterday I went back for another blood draw. This morning I went from spotting to light bleeding with a change in color (brown to dark red). I called the OBGYN office to let them know what was going on. They called back this afternoon with my hcg levels. My levels had decreased to 6,392 and confirmed that what I was experiencing was a miscarriage. I am to keep my appointment for this coming Monday to make sure that I pass all of the tissue, if not I will be having a D&C to remove the remaining tissue.

I know this post is long and for that I am sorry. I just want others to know they are not alone and if this helps others (like I hope it will) then I am happy to post.

Not all spotting is bad, but I felt something was off. You know your body the best. If something doesn’t feel right talk to your doctor ASAP

Re: Blighted ovum

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