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C-section mommas?!

Hey mommas! So I am pregnant with my third, previous two were uncomplicated pregnancies, delivered at term vaginally. With my son, we did have some issues with his shoulders being too large and he came out pretty fast, once he was finally ready lol. This is another boy and he is apparently LGA (big baby, 98th percentile!) I’m 31 weeks, 4 days and at 33 weeks doc is doing another growth scan to check things out. I have already had a preterm labor scare so I’m on modified bed rest as well. My question is: if doc finds something with the growth scan that is concerning about his large size, and I would need to have a c section, I need some encouragement.. I am terrified! I need some advice about c sections or just some encouraging stories please :) I am so scared to bleed too much etc.
Thank u!!

Re: C-section mommas?!

  • I've had 3 c sections. I never bled too much during the procedure, that's actually pretty rare. The biggest thing I can say is stay up on your pain meds, and get up and walk soon as they let you. Ask for a binder, and helps with walking and moving. 
  • @wildrainbow I had a C section with my first daughter how did you find it? I had a terrible procedure and I am hoping my daughter on the way will not have to be C section I hope it's a natural birth
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  • I am going into my 2nd c-section by choice.  My c-section went great with no complications.  Yes, there is pain and recovery period... stay on top of your meds and wear a brace! Don't try to recover without pain meds - my friend tried to do this and she was miserable. My pain was controlled the whole time and reduced to just ibuprofen and Tylenol after about a week. You got this! 
  • Have a pillow that you hold over you lower abdomen when you stand up, sit down, use it to brace yourself when you cough or sneeze. 
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    I was in the exact same boat with my first pregnancy (baby #1), and was freaked out at first, but honestly, it was such a good choice. I’m already scheduled for a c section with this baby (baby #2) because he’s officially LGA (large for gestational age). Just remember that however baby gets here is good. Plus, having a scheduled c section was pretty chill in my experience! Recovery is hard, but at least you don’t have to push forever first, only to end up having a c section!
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