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Any crafty Mommas on here already itching to get started on their nursery? I like to knit, crochet, and draw (amateur at all). I just started testing out a baby blanket pattern, and later I'll crochet tiny clouds and stars to hang in a mobile. Once I figure out my nursery theme I'll make some wall art... I just keep adding to my list of projects and I'd love to hear what others are planning! Inspiration and progress photos welcome!

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  • I used to crochet a lot. I still have So. Much. Yarn. It makes DH raging mad 🤣. But I really haven’t had time to pick it up since DS was born. I have been thinking I might crochet a blanket for this LO. But that’s all I might do realistically. 
  • I’ve never done a real nursery, but love to see everyone else’s! I painted a few small canvases when we moved into this house and they’re hung in what we call the playroom - which I guess also doubles as the nursery at night once baby moves out of our room. 3 are trucks from Goodnight Construction Site, and 3 are from other kids books. With 3 boys and that being a shared space, even if this one is a girl, I’m not sure how much I would change it up in there. Even though it would be fun to be girly for once haha.

    I started crocheting when I was expecting DS3 as a way to deal with my gender disappointment. We found out his sex with NIPT and it was just too early for me. I think I might be team green this round, since it’s really probably our last, I’m not ready to give up any dreams yet! One of the blankets I made for DS3 is still his favorite, but the other I kept for nicer occasions and he doesn’t associate it as his. It’s light blue with a diamond pattern and made out of sport yarn so it’s really light and drapey. I think I’ll make a hat to coordinate with it. A different one, because pixie style hats stay on so much better! I’ve already been working on another sport yarn blanket, it was going to be gender neutral and made ahead as a gift someday, but I started it over once I found out I was pregnant and am making it much more lacy. I think I’ll make a hat to go with it too and bring both sets with me when I deliver. If I never use it, it will make a really nice gift for someone. And it’s been nice to work on through the really nauseas moments.

    I have some sewing projects bookmarked for if I ever get out of 1st tri.
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  • I'm so excited about this thread and to hear about other people's crafty ideas! I'm not cool enough to have a plan for a whole nursery, mostly because my crafting skills are mainly limited to yarn crafts but I'm crocheting a stuffed dinosaur for my little one and I will probably crochet a blanket with a dinosaur on it. I started on the stuffed animal last night when I got the NIPT results back that the baby is healthy.
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    All the crocheting is so cool. I’ve never tried it before. I arm-knitted a blanket last year and was so pleasantly surprised to learn that it only takes an evening to make an entire blanket!

    I’m not typically crafty except during pregnancy. For DD2 I cross-stitched a “mandala rooster” pattern I found on Etsy. Gave my hands something to do. This time I ordered the materials to make a cross-stitch peacock, and I should be able to start next week.

  • @Blondesweety444 I've been storing my yarn in two different places so DH never sees exactly how much I've accumulated! But honestly it's barely even a real collection compared to serious knitters...

    @bluecampanula I've made a few very light and airy blankets for friends, but I just started making a slightly bulkier one using Farmhouse-style granny squares. It's not exactly the image of a "baby blanket" but it'll be useful someday, if not right away. Idk, this is my first baby and I have hardly any concept of what's appropriate for baby gear 🤷‍♀️

    @dinomeetsjedi that already sounds like an awesome plan to me! I'm still working my way up to crocheting stuffed animals.

    @loveanddatadriven that's a beautiful pattern! I tried cross stitch once and was immediately overwhelmed, so I'm very impressed!

    I'm so excited for the cooler fall weather - crafting season is here!
  • I’m not a sewing/crocheting person (I wish!) but I did some custom painting projects for DS3’s nursery that I’m pretty proud of. A couple signs for a gallery wall and little forest animals on each of the letter blocks for his name. 
  • @emky0704 The blanket DS3 still loves is bulkier, it’s bernat blanket yarn. I loved it for tummy time because it was like it’s own rug, and I think he’s loved it for sleeping with as he got older because it’s more weighted. Blankets can be such a variety and they’re all helpful in some way. 
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    I mostly knit but have done a small amount of crocheting for knitting projects. I want to try to crochet a baby blanket, there are just so many cute ones!

    I also love the felt mobiles and really want to try making one. They are quite pricey on Etsy but are so cute. Crocheting clouds and stars is a great idea too.

    Thank you for starting this thread. I'd love to see and hear what other mommas are making! 

  • @emky0704 such a cute pattern!
  • @emky0704 do you have a link to the pattern you can share?
  • @Blondesweety444


    I found this after spotting the blanket on Call The Midwife - luckily someone else saw it and loved this pattern too!

    Tip: create your chain very loosely. Maybe I just hold too much tension but I had to redo the beginning three times before I got it right

  • thank you @emky0704! I definitely also do my chain waayyy to tight usually.

    This is the pattern for my blanket above. Its a very thick and heavy blanket. Definitely not for shoving in a diaper bag.
  • I crocheted DD6’s baby blanket and plan to make one for this LO, as well! It turned out pretty good, it’s very heavy and large, though. I made it in yellow and gray for gender neutral colors. I think the next one will be a hexagon pattern in neutral colors since we’re Team Green this time around.

  • @bluecampanula Oh my gosh, how cuuuuuuute! I’m dying over the koalas. I’ll have to take a picture of my baby blanket tomorrow, I’m a little over halfway finished.
  • @bluecampanula Oh my goodness that is so cute!!
  • Oh that’s so cute! Nice work!! I’ve really started working on the blanket, but not very far. I’m on row 4 of 45 😂
  • @aloha_mama that looks so pretty and cozy!
  • @bluecampanula Thank you! ❤️ It’s been a great stress-reliever too to have something to just do while I sit and zone out.
  • @aloha_mama so beautiful! Looks like the ones my grandmother used to make... I have at least 10 and would be fine having more if I could!
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    @bluecampanula Thats adorable!! I love the koalas!❤️

    @aloha_mama That looks beautiful! Handmade blankets are the absolute best!!
  • @bluecampanula It's so cute!

    @aloha_mama you're so close to being done and it looks so soft! All of my crochet blankets are much stiffer. 
  • I have most of the pieces to my stuffed animal done, I just have to figure out how to put them all together, which is the hard part.
  • @knitkiwi WOW!! I love those little baubles! I can’t believe this is your first project! Do you have a pattern you could share?
  • Thanks @aloha_mama! I knit before so I felt I got the hang of it pretty quickly (though not without the help of YouTube). I bought this pattern for $6 from Etsy and it's very detailed so that helped too! I used the yarn and colors she recommended!

  • @emky0704 that all looks so nice!
  • @emky0704 looks beautiful! I'd love to see the finished crochet mobile! 
  • Oh that’s all so cute!!
  • @constantinabee ohh I love those! I wasn't going to give a godparent proposal gift but now I want to 
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