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First trimester and feeling guilty

This is my third pregnancy and my worst first trimester I’ve ever had. I have been so incredibly sick that normal tasks seem impossible. I have two sweet girls at home (2 and 5) and I have been so sick I feel like I’m missing out on so much with them. My husband is amazing and so helpful keeping them occupied and letting me rest… but I hate constantly telling them mommy’s too sick to play or to go to the park with them. It’s making me feel depressed and like a terrible mom. I just miss having fun with my girls. Anyone in the same boat?

Re: First trimester and feeling guilty

  • Hi! Please read the READ THIS FIRST post pinned to the top of the board and introduce yourself in the Introductions thread 😊

    Then feel free to ask questions like this in the Great Big Questions thread or in the Check In threads.
  • I hear you. Feel the same way with my 5 year old. But you know what, It's temporary. I just keep reminding myself that I'm just doing the best with the situation I find myself in today and even a few weeks like this isn't permeant and sometimes it's an accomplishment for all of us to make it through the day. I'll do more when I am up for it until then a little more TV or eating out or me napping is not the end of the world. Sometimes when you feel aweful you just want to reach out and have someone chat and it's hard to spend 20 min reading all the rules about our boards in the moment. But really, this is a good group. Please keep on the board. I tend to post a lot in the random post because I never know where to put my posts. Feel free to meet us with me there. :)
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