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Need laughs!

Alright, idk about you guys but with hubby being gone this week, and it being me and both kids, I'm freaking drained. Physically and mentally. My son is still quarantined from school till Monday (THANK GOODNESS) and school work has been a struggle. Every. Single. Day. And my almost 3 year old, well I think that goes without explaining. 🤣  

So give me your laugh/laughs for the week.

I'll start.

My daughter finally got to talk to Dad on Wednesday since he left Friday. She had a pretty short conversation, told him brother was home, and that the dog got a haircut. Then said "Well, bye!" 🤣🤣🤣 Apparently she was over the conversation. And where she comes up with this stuff I have no idea. 

Re: Need laughs!

  • @j-to-the-amie OMG I would of died. I feel like something similar to me happened during my first massage. I was a teenager and it was at a fancy spa and they gave you this like paper thong and told to lie down on the table...okay, get undressed, lie facedown and the girl comes is and was like oh you could of pulled the blanket up more and then did it for me to cover my butt. I was super embarrassed lol
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  • @j-to-the-amie hahaha! I love the you'll make the dinner convo. 🤣🤣 Well whoooops! Guess you now know what NOT to do for next time! 🤣🤣

    @kaitcrystalline the first time for a massage is so weird like they just expect you to know what to do. Can we learn these random things in school so life isn't so awkward at times? 🤣
  • @rpreston17 the homework struggle is so real! And I only have a kindergartner.. I have all sorts of respect for all the homeschooling moms!

    @j-to-the-amie omg, I’m sorry but I’m dying at this story!  Hopefully by now you can look back and just laugh!  

    @kaitcrystalline I have never had the paper thong! I definitely wouldn’t have known what to do with that, especially as a teenager!

    My laugh for the week was taking DD to the dentist for the first time. After she had her cleaning I was having mine and the gal cleaning my teeth was asking her questions and DD was just jabbering on and on and she kept making me laugh. A few times I couldn’t stop laughing and the dental hygienist had to stop several times until I calmed down. 🤦🏼‍♀️
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