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Re: FFFC 9.17

  • I wish MH was on a sleep schedule like me. He's an early to bed early to rise type. I go to bed around 11 and he's always falling asleep at 9:30. Makes me feel like we get less time together! I'm sure he wishes I was an early riser like him though. Every vacation, him, his son, and his parents are all up at 6 AM and I'm like "umm no."
  • @lexilougolden Waking up at 6 am on vacation sounds awful lol. In an ideal world, I'm early to bed and late to rise. Lunchtime is more my speed.
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  • @lexilougolden lol I’m the total opposite. I’m early to bed and if my husband tries to go to bed at the same time as me I’m so annoyed 😂. Maybe because we both work from home all day but I need that time by myself at the end of the day
  • @lexilougolden MH and I are like that only swapped lol, it's taken some time to get adjusted but now we're about the same on a regular basis. it's wild when we're on vacation though, like I want to get up with the sun and DO STUFF and he won't even be conscious until like, noon xD

    My FFFC: I've definitely been purposefully not disclosing how much I have spent on baby and maternity clothes to MH. I'm using my own money for this so I don't feel too bad but still. It's a lot in what feels like a relatively short amount of time and I know there's just going to be more of it!
  • My FFFC is I’ve been eating boat loads of cold cuts. I read everyone wanting cold cuts after having the baby and I’m over hear stuffing my face with it. I’m having a baby during Covid the chances of cold cuts getting me has got to be less than that lol 

    also bought one of those mini black box wines that has like 15 ozs of wine for me to have a few ounces here and there 
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  • @livingoffpbjs My guilt doesn’t allow me to eat non-heated up lunch meat, so if I could live vicariously, I vote for salami. 
  • @livingoffpbjs I definitely eat a cold cut sandwich for lunch every day 😂😬. In my first pregnancy when I was getting office cafeteria food every day my only choices were sandwich bar staffed by professionals or salad bar/ buffet style where who knows who was sneezing all over it. Sandwiches always felt like the safer option so I honestly don’t even think about it anymore. 
  • @livingoffpbjs I had a ham and cheese cold cut for lunch. Sometimes the craving is real, I don't worry too much over it. 

    I had a glass of wine at a wedding tonight. With dinner and multiple glasses of water. It was exactly what I needed.

  • @makingbacon Did you ever watch Friends? There was an episode where Phoebe is pregnant and shes craving meat baaaaddd. But shes a vegetarian. So Joey tells her he will give up eating meat for her so she can eat meat. You can be my Joey and Ill eat your salami hahaha 

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  • Season 4 Episode 16 in case anyone wants to watch 
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  • @livingoffpbjs Yes, I love friends. That completely works for me lol. 
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