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FFFC 9/17

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What's your flame-free Friday confession?

Re: FFFC 9/17

  • @aukeev I find myself pre-eating ALL the time these days :)

    My fall wreath for the front door wasn't with all of my fall decor... I'm assuming it didn't fit in the bin last year so I put it somewhere else. I'm certain it's somewhere in the basement... but I just ordered a new one instead of looking.
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  • @loveanddatadriven my husband grew out his hair and beard and cut it after he got his picture for a new passport. He said he didn't realize he looked so crazy and we joked that if he committed a crime then we knew the exact photo they would use on the news.

    I've debated telling my son that Frozen is for girls. I won't do it but I'm am so tired of watching it. We don't gender things at all but I'm singing lost in the woods and fixer upper to myself ALL OF THE TIME.
  • I have two:

    Obviously I love my kids to death but OMG they get on my nerves so easily these days. Just normal kid things. Then I feel super guilty. 😭 Is this some sort of hormonal shift where my body is focusing on these babies that I’m growing? Dunno. 

    My husband has this habit of putting his phone on speaker. Even when I’m right next to him. He says it’s because he “can’t hear” which is probably true but I DO NOT want to hear his every conversation! It feels so awkward— especially if he’s relaying a story or arranging plans or something that I remember better than he does— I don’t want to butt in, but I’m also cringing so hard on the inside.
  • @robbenson Trolls is “broken” in our house and no one knows how to fix it. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do.
  • @doxiemoxie212 and @alohamora you guys are right. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse only works in the morning at our house so I should have thought of that too!
  • @loveanddatadriven lol it’s gets better. The wreath I was thinking of was a smaller one that we got when we bought our first house. When I picked up the new one I thought to myself “I’m pretty sure I already have one just like this.” Sure enough I look in the Christmas wreath bin and found the “upgraded” fall wreath I bought last year. So now I’m returning the one I bought today 🙈
  • @hoosiermamajayden H does that with the speaker phone, too! Except halfway through the a private conversation H will announce that I'm in the room and that I have been there the entire time. Like, c'mon, you either have to announce my presence at the beginning of the call or not announce it at all...
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