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3 hour glucose (failed)

Just got my results that I failed my 3 hour with 2 of my readings being off by a few now just waiting for the doctor to call me and see what the next steps are , but I can’t help but go into a depression hole over this any other mamas out there get diagnosed ? 

Re: 3 hour glucose (failed)

  • Sorry I haven't been in your position but all I can say is take your OB's advice and just take it one day at a time.  Good luck!
  • @knottieabc8e0f72bd2a813 yes mama. Diagnosed this time around 13-14 weeks and last time at 28 weeks. No need to be depressed. It’s hormones. You sound like you might be able to manage with diet if your numbers were so close. I epically failed my 1 hour screen this time (234 I believe) so I’ve been on insulin. It’s not the worst thing possible. You be managed a little closer than others. I see MFM once a month right now but will start twice a week appointments at 30 weeks. 

    Mine completely went away after my first and my A1C is monitored every 6 months by my primary care doctor. I was at 5.3 (normal is below 5.7) when I got diagnosed with GD this time. 

    Let me know what other questions you have!
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  • Thank you so much for sharing this !! I’ve been trying better options to crave my sweet tooth tried the rebel icecream sandwiches with 1g of sugar and let me tell you so good !! I just have to test my levels 4 times I go Tuesday to set up diet and get my tester trying to look at this not so negatively now since knowing there’s nothing I could have done to prevent it ! 
  • @knottieabc8e0f72bd2a813 yes. You’ll learn everything in moderation is ok. Just mix your carbs with a protein and itll be ok. Im a big fan of the halotop mint chocolate and peanut butter cup ice cream. Also you can try scratch baking your favorite things and replacing the sugar with a sugar substitute (I like splenda baking mix).
  • Yeah my doctor was saying since my numbers weren’t super off I can stick to what I’ve been doing so we usually will have fast food once every other week and I’m still going to allow myself that I’m starting to learn it’s not a crazy diet everything is okay in moderation just obviously can’t have fast food every meal lol
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