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Subchorionic hematoma ugh!

1% of pregnancies, and generally caused by ivf, which I didn't do - took 6 months to conceive this little dude (or dudette) without any type of treatmemt  and now at 7wks4dys we found a Subchorionic hematoma AND an ovarian cyst, fun part is, I'm being told to bed rest on my left side for the hematoma but its cause massive pain in the area of the cyst...
Just complaining, three kids running around the house, and feels like my husband is really struggling with the stress, but I know he'll step up once he processes things....whomp

Wish me luck

Momster Payne 

Re: Subchorionic hematoma ugh!

  • Hi there! Please read the “READ THIS FIRST” post pinned to the top of the community page, and then introduce yourself in our “introductions” thread. We don’t typically make individual threads for questions or problems. We have a symptoms thread, “great big questions” thread, and a few others that will help you.
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