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Weekly check-in 9/13

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GTKY: What is your favorite food?

Re: Weekly check-in 9/13

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  • How far along are you?: 27w 6d

    Upcoming appointments: 3 hour glucose test on Thursday. 😑😑

    How are you feeling?: Good for the most part.

    Rants/Raves: We finally got my son home after almost 2 weeks. It feels so wonderful to have him home but sucks my husband is gone.    I could rant all day about having to do the 3 hour glucose test. I've got it figured out that I had an apple cider donut for breakfast before I went for the 1 hour and I'm thinking that's what threw it off. Here's to hoping the next one goes better. 🤞

    Questions: Is it December yet? 🤣

    GTKY: What is your favorite food? That's a tough one. I used to love anything chicken but have kind of just been over it since getting pregnant this go around. I could probably live with having a good pizza every day and not complain. 🤣

  • How far along are you?: 24 weeks 4 days

    Upcoming appointments: Was supposed to be today but I had to reschedule 

    How are you feeling?: I have Covid! UGH. I have no idea how I got it. I feel like I have a really bad cold and my lower back has been killing me. I'm so thankful I'm vaccinated though or I think it would be way worse. 

    Rants/Raves: See above for my rant. But as a rave, we had a great beach vacation last week. I feel awful that we got home and then I had to tell everyone we were with that I tested positive but everyone else seems fine so far. And we were all vaccinated. 

    Questions: Anybody else have Covid? Any hopes on when my sense of smell will come back?

    GTKY: What is your favorite food? Pasta probably. Although I really love chocolate, so dessert might be my actual favorite food lol. 

  • @melbel0824 ugh that stinks, I’m sorry! I hope you get to feeling better very very soon! 
  • @rgn12 It's supposed to tone the uterus and help with labor! I just bought a ton to prep and just need to start stocking up on my dates lol. I was walking around effaced and dilated for a month so I definitely think things were working haha. That's awesome on passing the glucose test! 

    @melbel0824 Oh no!!! I'm so sorry - I hope you feel better soon! I remember some ladies on a Facebook group talking about how to get it back but I cannot for the life of me remember. Covid 19 Vaccine-Evidence Based Group - Pregnancy, Lactation, TTC & Children 
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  • @melbel0824 argh I'm so sorry. That's so hard!! I hope you feel better soon 💕

    How far along are you?: 29 weeks

    Upcoming appointments: not until October

    How are you feeling?: Good. DS and DH have a cold so going through the motions of that. Our bathroom renos are a little behind but I guess that's normal with bathrooms. Pregnancy wise I'm doing well though.

    Rants/Raves: Rant - my rib pain is still bothering me. I'm doing some yoga stretches that help a bit though. Rave -im lactose intolerant and my pregnancy seems to have put that into remission for the time being and I can eat ice cream :) 


    GTKY: What is your favorite food? Probably homemade pizza and I also love me a chocolate cake.

  • @rpreston17 FX that it WAS the donut and your 3hr is a breeze!

    @brookert615 fx your 3hr is also a breeze! Remind me, what is the goal of RRLT? I didn't use it for DS or DD. ******LOL, NM. Just saw your update. I'd be willing to try it but I'm torn between thinking this baby is going to come fast and easy vs him being the stubborn one thag finally gets me to see 40wks 😂

    @rgn12 being vaxxed doesn't change much for my precautions either. I just gives me POM that I won't likely get incredibly sick and less likely to give it to the kids. 

    @melbel0824 oh no! I hope you feel better quickly. I've heard the loss of taste/smell I'd the strangest feeling so I hope it'd short lived for you (my cousin had it for weeks after she felt better).

    @kaitcrystalline bathroom renos are tough but you won't regret it at least! Enjoy all the ice cream!!!
  • @prpl11butterfly Thank you! I passed (barely) but passed! And I never actually went into labor the first time so I'm HOPING that I can do whatever I can to help things happen haha! 

    @kaitcrystalline So sorry about the rib pain! And in regards to the lactose intolerance - that happened to me my last pregnancy! I craved milkshakes and I had one every week! Enjoy it while you can! 
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    Diagnosed with PCOS & Hashimoto's
  • @melbel0824 oh wow sorry you are covid positive but glad you are feeling OK.  

    @kaitcrystalline my rib pain has been killer this week!  What yoga positions are you finding helpful for relief???  So glad you can enjoy ice cream while your pregnant.  I dont know what I would do if I couldn't eat it!  It's like one of the only things that is appetizing to me.  Honestly, I don't eat much, but it's all ice cream and carbs which is probably why I have gained as much as I have lol

    @brookert615 I didn't do red raspberry leaf tea, but did do a labor prep tea that I think had red raspberry leaf in it among other ingredients.  I LOVED IT and will definitely be doing it again, starting  at 30 or 32 weeks.  I also ate so many dates as a late night snack!

    How far along are you?: 27 +6

    Upcoming appointments: had a growth US today (baby seems big!) and my 28 week appointment with my OB is Friday.

    How are you feeling?:  pretty ok during the day, in the evenings I can't get comfortable between heartburn and rib pain  :(


    Rave- DD did slightly better at school than last week, so hoping it continues to get better.  She still isn't letting anyone interact with her and just sits in the corner and mopes, but at least she only cried for 1.5 hours instead of 2 hours.  And when I picked her up she was happily eating her snack (alone) and was in a good mood.  

    Rant- We may have to move 8 hours away (for hubby's job) a month before my due date (and just as DD is getting settled at school).  I would have to find a new OB and hospital within days of the move because I was so early with my first.  I may have to deliver babe all alone too, because we will have no one nearby to watch DD or our dogs, so hubby will likely have to stay home.  It will be very challenging.  We will hear about the move within 3 weeks.  So much change and stress.  Yay.

    Questions:  Besides red raspberry leaf tea and dates, is there anything you ladies do to prep for delivery?  I was way more prepared with my first, somehow!

    GTKY: What is your favorite food?  Pizza, sushi, and all Indian but especially paneer tikka masala.

  • @prpl11butterfly I just repurposed the old mobile this past weekend also!  :)

    @melbel0824 sad to hear about the Covid, but glad to hear it's not as bad as it could be. Praying for you and baby to be healthy.

    How far along are you?: 28+

    Upcoming appointments: 2 weeks. Just had growth ultrasound and OB said she is adding weekly BPP check to ensure everything is ok. This is new to me, but already hit deductible so fine with me.  :p

    How are you feeling?: EXHAUSTED. I truly don't know how I'm going to make it through this last tri without falling asleep at my desk. It's not possible.

    Rants/Raves: Rant: got a sinus infection, so that's not fun but to be expected with the changing of seasons. Rave: my blood sugars seem to be doing well and staying under control (2+wks without increasing insulin)!


    GTKY: What is your favorite food? Anything I am currently not allowed to eat lol (basically anything other than meat, cheese and eggs).  :|
  • @scaredunprepared I did order a labor prep tea as well this time! So sorry that your daughter is still having a tough time at school! And oh my gosh! That is so nerve wracking about the possible move! And in regards to the prepping for delivery I'm going to do a mommylabornurse course - she has great tips on her instagram page!

    @RDFree32 Glad you hit your deductible! And hoping that everything stays good but yay for more monitoring! That's great to hear about your sugars!
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  • @brookert615 I have never heard of mommylabornurse but I will look into it!  Thanks. 
  • How far along are you?: 25w

    Upcoming appointments: Sept 24 for growth scan and MFM consult

    How are you feeling?: better now  I ended up in the ER yesterday for severe dehydration. My ob recommended going for IV fluids and a preeclampsia work up. No preeclampsia but a stern talking to about remembering I was pregnant and to take it easy. Also got to go to L&D bc the ER nurse measured baby heart rate in the 170s. All is good and where it’s supposed to be.

    Rants/Raves: Work is crazy. Two sister buildings have Covid patients right now so we’re getting all the admits and we’re short staffed. Welcome to healthcare right?


    GTKY: What is your favorite food? Team pizza for savory. But carrot cake is my all time favorite. 

  • @rpreston17 good luck tomorrow.  I don't know when I should schedule my 3 hr, but I'm putting it off :(

    @RDFree32 you definitely still belong here, even if baby comes early.  I might end up delivering in Nov, too, but still a D21 mama.

    @mockingjay1 if we are asked to move I doubt his job would allow us to wait until after baby, but he will ask.  I was 2.5 weeks early with my first, so expecting to be at least a week early with this baby, but who knows.  My sister (and her 3 girls) has agreed to come stay with us for Thanksgiving until baby comes, if I make it to Thanksgiving 🤞.  What is flow track measurement and profile?  I had 2 follow up anatomy scans (one was yesterday) and they definitely didn't do that for me.  I honestly don't know how you're holding it all together with everything on your plate.   Super mama!  I had a meltdown today on my way back from dropping DD off at school (drop-off was HORRIBLE, but in found out later she actually did really well!).  With our dog Lizzy being so sick, plus DD struggling to acclimate to school, plus the news I failed my 1 hr GTT and need to go for the 3hr, plus hubby being gone, I was just a mess.  My anxiety today was through the roof and it felt like my heart was going to beat right out of my chest.  Being pregnant is enough, all this extra bs we have going on is so unnecessary.  Hugs to you!!!
  • @mockingjay1 So sorry that things have been a lot to balance. Sending all the love to you and your family right now! 

    @kats0727 Glad you're feeling better - that's quite the scare!

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  • @brittnig43021 I got period underwear and they work great for during pregnancy!
    BFP 6/3/19 EDD 2/14/20 BFP 4/15/21 EDD 12/20/21
    Diagnosed with PCOS & Hashimoto's
  • @brittnig43021 not pads per say, but panty liners all day every day. 🤦🏼‍♀️ The joys of pregnancy. 
  • @mockingjay1 I really hope my smell and taste come back sooner than later. That would be the cruelest joke for a pregnant lady going into third trimester. If I can’t even enjoy good food, what’s the point?!?   I’m glad to hear your mom got to feel baby kicking. That had to be a super special moment. 

    @scaredunprepared that sounds like so much stress! Would the love be good overall if you weren’t pregnant or after the baby was here?

    @kats0727 yikes! Take care of yourself lady! I’m glad everything was okay with you and baby. 
  • @scaredunprepared ugh, well if they won't let you guys wait to move until after baby I'm glad your sister will be able to help. Praying baby stays put until after Thanksgiving! Girl you're super mama too! You have a FULL plate! Moving, DD starting school, your Lizzy being sick, DH being gone... that is so much. I guess I at least had the advantage of assuming I'd be GD since I was with both boys. It definitely sucks when it's not expected. I cried when I found out I failed my 1 hour with DS1. I promise there are worse things than being GD if you end up failing the 3 hour. Hoping you don't! Sending hugs your way too! The profile is literally a profile shot of baby's face (sorry I didn't explain that well). He/she would not cooperate at all for that during my a/s and all we got were creepy head on pics of the face haha. My ob told me a lot of places don't do the flow track measurement but the MFM that reads all the ultrasounds at this clinic wants it done. I'm not even 100% sure what it is and I'm an RN! I think it's something with blood flow within the heart. Google isn't very helpful when I try to search it. 

    @brookert615 thank you! 

    @RDFree32 well darn! I'm sorry you're high risk for so many reasons. 

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  • @melbel0824 overall I think it will be good for us to move, but we will be away from family which will be hard. 

    @mockingjay1 thank you for your support.  It is hard.  My anxiety isn't helping lol.   O haven't even been able to schedule my 3 hr because I need to find someone to watch DD and coordinate with that.  3 hrs is a long time!  I think it's great your MFM is being so thorough.  Hopefully baby cooperates!
  • @melbel0824 sorry to hear about that! Drink hot tea, steam, get a q-tip & put rubbing alcohol on it and swab your nostrils

     @brittnig43021 I’ve been wearing panty liners this entire pregnancy 🙄

    How far along are you?: 28 weeks 6 days

    Upcoming appointments: Next week and I take my glucose test

    How are you feeling?: Really calm & still tired

    Rants/Raves: Rave- I love my husband. He hasn’t complained at all about my little mood swings or my crushed ice runs. Lol. He massages my feet and calves almost every night too.

    Questions: Why are some of y’all saying 3 hour glucose test? I’m I missing something? I thought it was 1 hour. 

    GTKY: What is your favorite food? Soul food! Collard greens, cabbage, Mac n cheese, chicken, black eyed peas, corn bread (I want this meal right after delivery…LOL)

  • @mommyb31 the 3 hour gtt is done if a person fails the 1 hour.
    Me:35 DH:35
    Dx: PCOS
    DS1 born 11/2014
    DS2 born 11/2018
    3 previous losses
    Rainbow baby due 12/2021 - Team Green

  • @scaredunprepared omg sorry it took me forever to respond. We are dealing with a sick household here. Not covid, but tiring nonetheless. Okay so the Cat Cow Yoga stretch REALLY help my rib pain. Definitely try it! 
    Also girl once your hubby comes back I feel like you need a prenatal massage! That should help with the pain but also the stress. Moving 8 hours away so close to your due date will certainly be hard but so happy your sister can come and help! 

    @mockingjay1 so happy your mom got the feel the baby. Sending you hugs. 💓

    @kats0727 that's scary! Glad your feeling better.
  • @mommyb31 The 1 hour glucose test is first. If you fail it, you take a 3 hours test. That meal sounds so yummy, but I would add fried okra!  :p 
  • edited September 2021
    @kaitcrystalline thanks!  I did lots of yoga and cat cows was one of my faves first pregnancy.  Not sure why I hadn't thought to try it this time!  I was all about prenatal massage last pregnancy too, but have been hesitant this time due to covid (and also lack of childcare lol).  

    Eta:  I hope you all feel better soon!!
  • Darn - I went to post my first weekly check in - have you all moved to the private group already?! Gah I kept forgetting to get in here to introduce and join and now I think I've missed the boat!
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