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Failed first glucose test

I I just got my results that I failed my glucose test I got 140 when it needed to be 135 , now I’m stressing and worried of course . I’m gonna go in Monday and do my 3 hour test but did any other mamas fail their first but pass their 3 hour my heart is racing cuz I’ve been staying active and eating right with my occasional sweets then to find out that has nothing to do with glucose levels lol

Re: Failed first glucose test

  • I feel for ya. It is not fun, especially when they use the terminology "fail." We really don't have much control over pregnancy hormones that can cause insulin resistance. I know it's difficult, but try not to be hard on yourself. Just do your best in trying to control your diet. Hope your 3-hour test goes well, but if it doesn't, know that it'll be ok.
  • Thank you so much I appreciate it !! Yeah cuz now I’m feeling guilty if I want a cookie at night lol 
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  • @knottieabc8e0f72bd2a813 don’t worry too much. I got diagnosed this time at 13 weeks (tested early from previous pregnancy and it went completely away after). Just another thing to deal with. Also I have ice cream 3-4 nights a week. There’s always a way to have sweets in your carb counts (if you want). 
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