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Failed first glucose test

Any mamas fail their first glucose test but pass their 3 hour ? I’m over here with big time nerves my cut off was 135 and I got 140 , kinda beating myself up since I’ve been doing the right steps ans still staying active and eating right even though that has nothing to do with it ! Just wanna know if any others failed their one hour test ? 

Re: Failed first glucose test

  • A lot of people do. I think the criteria for the 1 hr is stricter than the 3 so not everyone has to do the 3. But even if you fail the 3 hr it has nothing to do with your food choices. It’s how your hormones are messing with your insulin. GD sucks a lot of the fun out of pregnancy and it feels like it will be for forever but really it’s a couple months and realistically it is a very healthful diet that will only help you and the baby.
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  • This makes me feel a lot better cuz I feel guilty for even wanting a cookie now cuz I’m so worried about my test Monday lol 
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  • Stop beating yourself up.  I know someone who completed a 10k at 8 months preg and she failed her glucose tests.  Its something that sometimes can not be controlled.  Take the three hour see what happens and take things in stride.  If you fail they will work with you to keep it under control.  Hang in there. 
  • Thank you so much !! I know it has nothing to do with diet and is out of my control at this point , I appreciate hearing that 
  • I had GD with both pregnancies. I was able to manage it fine with diet and glucose monitoring. It definitely sucks but it's manageable.
  • I failed the 1-hr but passed the 3-hr. The threshold is so low for the 1-hr on purpose as to catch anyone that may have GD. Just relax, you'll be ok!
  • In my first pregnancy I failed the first (not by much) and passed the second fine. Hated the 3 hour test and hoping I don’t have to do it again this pregnancy 😑
  • I failed both tests and had GD for my first pregnancy and I honestly thought the tests were the worst part of the whole thing.. ugh, those gross sugar drinks..😖.  I will say I felt like having GD forced me stay so healthy throughout my pregnancy because of the better food choices and mine was easily managed with diet and monitoring my glucose levels. The finger pricks weren't fun but they also weren't nearly as bad as I was expecting. I hope you pass your 3 hour test but just know that if not, GD is temporary and it's not as bad as it sounds. You'll get through just fine either way 😊.  Best wishes!!
  • Yes with my last two pregnancies I've failed the one hour test but passed the three hour
  • I’m wondering if anyone here has used an alternative to the standard glucose test sugary drink they give you. I’ve read you can drink OJ or eat jelly beans. If so, did you pass or fail the one hour test? 
    I plan on using an alternative for the test. 
  • I failed the one hour. I’m supposed to go back in for the 3 hour next week. With my first, 10 years ago, I had no issues. I’m 29 now instead of 19, and I guess I’m a little further from my prime than I thought. 😅
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    Regarding using a different drink option- Yes I did. There’s one called the Fresh Test. Ask your doc first because mine offered it in office, but you can also buy it online. Only 4 ingredients, no dyes or anything gross. It was honestly delicious! I was shocked given what everyone says about glucola. It’s lime flavored and super clean.
  • Thank you for the info ladies. I haven’t been called to say I failed the 1 hour yet but I saw test results that I was marked yes for insulin dependent diabetes. So we will See what happens. 
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