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Due date come and gone

Hello, wondering if anyone else is in this boat. I was due 9/4 but have yet to go into labor. Had a cervix check week 40 and was told my cervix was thinned out but not dilated at all. My next appt I will have an ultrasound and another cervix check but I wanted to see if anyone is in the same boat. This is my second pregnancy and I’m definitely having symptoms that things are getting close but nothing consistent enough to be considered early labor. So frustrating because it’s been going on for a full two weeks now. 

Re: Due date come and gone

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    Are you asking if it’s normal to go overdue? The answer is yes, most people go overdue actually. Your dr will probably explain next steps at your next apt if you get there (which will probably be an induction). 
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    I went 10 days overdue with my oldest. Babies come when they’re ready and due dates are a guesstimate.
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    My last baby was a week late. Due dates are not an exact science. Full term is considered anything from 37 to 42 weeks. 
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    As PP said- due dates are NOT an exact science.  Its an ESTIMATED date that can be earlier, on time, or later than the given "due date."
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