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How are you dealing with all the second trimester tests?

I'm curious how everyone is handling the stress. What are you doing to keep your mind off waiting for results?

I basically harassed the office for my NIPT results at 11 weeks. I got back my first high risk result from the second trimester testing, and I am not doing great. It was already a long week, and they want to schedule a follow up blood test to see if AFP levels were truly high. If I could just make it through this week anxiety-free, that would be great.

Are you reading? Gardening? What takes your mind off of tests when you have baby stuff starting to appear in the house (and you can't avoid it!)?

Re: How are you dealing with all the second trimester tests?

  • I’m so sorry. When is your anatomy scan? 

    None of my testing has indicated high risk, but I’ve had cramping and bleeding, and I’ve had recurrent miscarriages- so my anxiety is high. I deal with it by staying busy. I stay off of google. I remind myself there is nothing I can do but love my baby. 
  • @jmb2022 I'm sorry! That's frustrating waiting for results. I do similarly to @ThePax89 and stay off the internet, try to accept things as they are (worry and impatience won't help the situation-- I remind myself). Things that keep me busy and my mind occupied: talking to friends about their lives, reading, hiking, planning vacations.
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  • @jmb2022 How stressful. I am the queen of anxiety, worrying, etc and I'm working on it daily so I'll try to share what works for me. I started a book recently that I loved called The Untethered Soul by Michael A Singer and I've gotten some helpful takeaways that I use when I get anxious about situations. I try to remind myself that the voice in my head is just that... a voice. The world keeps on spinning no matter how much the voice talks or doesn't talk ... and I am just one tiny piece of the universe so I can't control the outcome of any situation by my thoughts (especially anxiety/obsessive thoughts). I try to imagine the voice in my head as a person sitting next to me saying these things versus being inside me. I hope this doesn't sound too weird, condescending, or woo woo. :) 
  • @jmb2022 what was your MoM level?

    my son’s AFP was elevated 11 years ago, and everything turned out fine. Was determined to likely have been a small neural tube defect that self corrected by my anatomy scan. I wasn’t able to access records to see the level/how high. 

    My recent pregnancy, my loss pregnancy in Feb had high AFP, MoM was 3.09. They got me in for an early anatomy scan and anatomically baby was fine. So AFP can signal neural tube defect, but can also signal placental issue (which was my case). 

    Luckily AFP draws and results are pretty fast, but I’m surprised they’re not just trying to get you in for an early anatomy scan. 

    Sorry you’re stressing mama. It’s hard not to!!
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