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GTKY: Fur Baby Fest!

Show us your fur babies! (Or feather, scale, shell, or leathery skin babies.) Adorable pictures highly encouraged.

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Re: GTKY: Fur Baby Fest!

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  • I can’t stand it! So cute! I want to rub all of their bellies even though the cats probably wouldn’t appreciate it.
  • I love everyone’s photos and pets. I’m having serious animal adoption fever over here.
  • I am totally obsessed with everyone’s pets!!! 😍 I love this thread! I want to pet and love on all of them! 
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    Sorry for posting so much here, I accidentally posted twice and since I can't delete, I tried to edit my post but it just posted new comments 🙄

    Wish we could delete comments lol I'll be more careful.
  • Everyone's pets are so cute! Makes me want to get more pets! 
  • @Blondesweety444 I'd have no idea that Addie is a little monster by the looks of her. She looks so cute! 
  • Bernice - black and white Great Dane
    Mortimer - Merle (lots of gray) Great Dane
    Tank - my OG baby lab/terrier  
    Very few clear pics of them all together lol 
  • Pet(s) (#, type): dog, Rocko, Cockapoo 6 years old. 

    Readiness to be fur sister(s)/brother(s): He is an angel, so sweet and patient. He is already the big brother to DD4 and DD1, so a third won’t make a difference. I am curious to see who he will prefer haha! So far DD1 is his favorite, since she drops the most food on the ground!

    Claim to fame: He enjoys hanging out in the playroom with the girls and we recently got a trampoline, I find him sitting on the trampoline while the little one is trying to jump hahaha, Not sure why, maybe he is looking after her?

    Oh man I have so few pictures of just him, since the girls were born, 😓

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  • @bluecampanula FX for your kitty!  Same thing happened with ours in June but she, unfortunately, did not come back. 😢
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