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Weekly randoms 9/6

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Re: Weekly randoms 9/6

  • This child is kicking/punching/whatever so hard that it simultaneously hurts and makes me nauseous. Such a drastic difference between her and DS.
  • @RDFree32 same here! She was kicking me so hard on my side yesterday, it’s crazy. They said I have an anterior placenta again, but I just don’t see how! Lol 
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  • I am measuring 2 weeks ahead (so 30 weeks) 😬
  • This pregnancy kicks and movements feel different for me too.  Definitely making me queasy and I am not loving it as much as last time. 

    DD had her first day of preschool today.... and it did not go well.  I ended up having to go back after 1.5 hours because she wouldn't stop screaming and crying :(
  • @kaitcrystalline I wouldn't fret too much. Are you and/or your SO tall? That can definitely throw things off!

    @scaredunprepared Totally with you on the movements feeling different! Sorry your daughter had a rough first day :(.
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  • @brookert615 yes DH is over 6ft and I'm 5.7 so we are both tall. 

    @scaredunprepared I'm sorry DD had a hard day. DS just started daycare again and we have tears every morning. Hopefully today when better for her! 

    @prpl11butterfly that's so exciting about the nursery! We are doing our renos which means I can finally tackle our nursery as well 🥰
  • @mockingjay1 oh wow I'm so sorry to hear about your mom being hospitalized.  I am glad you are able to enjoy the good moments.  I am sure this is all extremely difficult for you, your mom, and your entire family.  Praying for you!
  • @mockingjay1 I am so sorry. The roller-coaster is so difficult. I hope you get lots of good family time in while she's feeling on the good side ❤

    Just downed my glucose drink. 3rd pregnancy and 1st time they actually gave it to me cold. It was more tolerable but still gross 😝 
  • @mockingjay1 I’m so sorry! 

    @prpl11butterfly that’s awesome that you’re getting the nursery ready! I’m so slack, I haven’t done anything. The crib is in the garage and the dresser on the way. But besides that sooo slack. I think it doesn’t help that I’ve been using that room as a home office during covid lol. I also need to figure out how to reassemble the halo bassinest from my DD…. I’ve been avoiding that. 

  • @mockingjay1 I’m so sorry to hear about your mom. Any time you need a release, feel free to let go here.  
  • @mockingjay1 so sorry lady. I know that rollercoaster all too well. Hang in there. ❤
  • @mockingjay1 ugh, my heart goes out to you…Praying for your family and that your mom is able to have many more good moments! 

    @scaredunprepared hope this week goes better for DD! We started out good, but after a week and a half drop off has been full of tears and DD clinging to DH or I. Hopefully the rest of the school year won’t be like this :smile:

    I apologize for being so absent this past month! This dang app kicked me off and when I tried to sign back in I apparently didn’t know my password and kept pushing off resetting it. I finally got it done! 
    Our last summer days seem to be flying by and suddenly corn harvest is here. Which will lead into bean harvest and basically I won’t see much of DH until November 😢
    We transitioned our two girls to the same room so we can get the nursery ready, but now it seems to be turning into a storage room 🤦🏼‍♀️. 
  • @mockingjay1 I'm so sorry. That is terribly difficult. Sending love to you and your family. 
  • @savedbygrace1213 ugh sorry you're having a rough time with drop offs, too!  Fingers crossed it gets easier for both of us. 
  • @scaredunprepared yes, hopefully it does, and soon! 

    Is anyone else struggling with alway wanting to eat sweets?? 😬 it has been bad for me this time around! 
  • @savedbygrace1213 yes!  All I want is ice cream.  I guess it shouldn't have surprised me that I failed my first GTT.
  • @scaredunprepared eek! Mine is coming up, and I am not looking forward to it! 
  • @savedbygrace1213 i was rockin the first 20 weeks... but slowly... I feel like I am craving bad food.. perhaps it means I am not getting enough calories??  I will def keep an eye on it.. but so hard when you know there are mcdonald coupons and all of a sudden you cant get your mind off the idea of a big mac...nuggets and fries..   

    Sorry! I hope the details didnt cause someone to go to the dark place I was in... not being able to get mind off it untilni finally ate it last night...    but same with ice cream...usually not a big fan... and I have a chocolate stash at work and that is worst idea I have had.... 
  • @mockingjay1 praying for your mom! And your sanity. 
  • @j-to-the-amie I also have a chocolate stash at work! 
    Good work on rocking it thru the first 1/2. I definitely did not! Also, I need to quit buying lucky charms. It’s probably the worst bedtime snack!
  • @savedbygrace1213 I can't remember the last time I had lucky charms!!

    DS has come down with a virus from daycare. Covid neg which is good but still Croup is going around here. I myself have a soar throat and a bit of an ear ache. I HATE being sick and pregnant because you literally can't take anything except drink tea all day and such on cough drops. When I'm not pregnant I nip the slightest feeling of a cold coming on with meds.
  • @kaitcrystalline I hate being sick.  When I worked in schools I was sick all the time, and basically every cold lasted 2 weeks and ended up in a sinus infection no matter what I tried.  It was awful.  Feel better!

    My mom took DD overnight because  neither of us slept all week because she has been up every hour every night.   I just needed 1 night of peace!  Go figure DD slept like an angel all night for my parents!  Why can't she do that at home????  Ugh.
  • @kaitcrystalline So sorry about the virus from daycare! We are dealing with the same! RSV hit our home hard at the end of July and now a stomach flu just hit from daycare. Mucinex and claritin were lifesavers for me!
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  • @brookert615 yes! I just called my midwife and can up my tylonal dose and try robitussin so im hopeful about that. I hope you guys don't get hit with the stomach flu!
  • Ugh stomach flu is the worst anytime, but especially when pregnant! Hope y’all can avoid it! There some kids out with it in our school already as well :( 

    @kaitcrystalline praying you feel better soon!! 
  • I also pay no attention to measurements of any kind
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