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Re: FFFC 9.3.2021

  • Related to that meme...I have actually been pressuring MH to seriously consider moving because of the amount of spiders I have found in our home. Yes, I am overreacting, and yes, I catch them and take them outside, but there are so many! Why are you in a city condo, not-so-little spiders?!
  • @chgilmore maybe this is your sign to quit taking them back outside! 😅 I do the same thing though. 
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  • @chgilmore The same spider keeps coming back lol. You're nicer than me - mine meet the business end of the fly swatter.

    @photographerwife Oreos sound amazing! I love them with milk, but not dipped in milk. I am not a fan of cookie pulp floating in my drink.
  • @photographerwife I would eat a whole package EASY there is no shame for oreos!
    @makingbacon they look different so I'm inclined to think they're different ones, I take them pretty far away from the front door so they'd have to be pretty smart to do it right?
  • @photographerwife no shame for oreos and cold milk! Maybe a little peanut butter too!

    @chgilmore we have the same type of spider constantly appearing on our ceilings. I'm not considerate by taking them outdoors though. Idk why but I get the heeby geebies when it comes to spiders.

  • @makingbacon Definitely have to end the spiders we find. Watching Arachnophobia as a kid will do that to you. I think it took me 20 years to be able to turn off a lamp without checking for spiders first!
  • @kate63 have never seen that movie but I am ALWAYS checking for spiders...which apparently increases the likelihood of seeing spiders, which makes me want to check MORE; repeat ad nauseam o_0
  • A little late but I’m considering cancelling our vacation next week (Airbnb in the woods by a lake in the Berkshires) because I don’t think I can handle another week of being with my toddler terrorist full time after he was just home from daycare for two weeks. When we went to Maine in June he didn’t take a single nap the entire week and woke up at 4am every.single.morning. I’m honestly getting so anxious just thinking about it. 
  • @chgilmore I spare no spiders life but I do buy the human mouse traps and when we catch one I release it back outside, I used to take them to work and let them out by the woods there but we moved offices so the last one we caught I let back into the woods by our house and told him not to come back..... havent seen him again so I think he got the point.

    @kaf1788 We go on vacation next week and im dreading naps. My 3.5 year old does NOT nap for me or my Mom and this week she is at my Moms soooooo its going to be rough. We might have to take melatonin with us and give it to her at night to make sure she at least goes to bed by 9pm because she usually stays up till 11pm or later at my moms (with no nap). 

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  • My FFFC (or I guess FFTC) my child has probably gone to my moms house for a whole week every month since she has been a year and a half. And I love it. I love my daughter but its so nice to have that time where we feel like just a couple. And I know that will be ending when baby 2.0 comes. She is at my Moms this week and I miss her everyday but its soooooo nice. No toddler arguments, no meal prepping for her, watching whatever we want on the tv, doing whatever we want wherever we want whenever we want at home haha. Full week visits at mimis also ends because she starts real preschool after our vaca next week :'( 
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  • @livingoffpbjs That sounds AMAZING. Samson has only had one sleepover without us in his life. I think we need to plan another soon...
  • @kaf1788 I still have never had a babysitter for her, I rather drive an hour and a half one way down to my moms and back if she needs a babysitter if we have an adult function rather than find a date night sitter because it horrifies me lol 

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