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September- what my pregnant self is eating

Re: September- what my pregnant self is eating

    But also mostly burgers.
  • @chgilmore I'm jealous you can eat meat.

    I ordered Panera delivery last night at the hotel, and it was glorious. I ordered a cup of chicken and wild rice soup, Caesar salad, and macaroni and cheese. I just didn't stare too hard at my soup because I have an onion and celery aversion currently (dislike them always), so I just tried to eat and not think about it lol.
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  • I meal plan every week, but this week I have only followed the plan once. 😂 When supper time comes I just don't want what is planned at all. Husband had to go to the local grocery store at the last minute a few days ago because the ONLY thing I wanted was a skillet lasagna. And last night the plan was tacos, but then it was a little cooler and started raining, and who wants tacos in the rain? So I made chili instead. It was the best chili in the entire world. So my eating has been extremely impulsive lately. 
  • Stopped by a local soda shop (that's a thing in Utah because many people don't drink coffee but need their caffeine). They have the best pretzel bites and they were featuring a large pizza pretzel today. Definitely ordered it and ate it in 20 seconds. Mmmm.
  • @lexilougolden You said in another thread that now that you’re not nauseous you’re hungry all the time right? That is 100% me right now lol. I was so nauseous first tri it was a battle to eat anything. I have more than made up for it and I’m not sure I prefer the battle of always eating 🙈 I have my next checkup this Friday and I’m a little afraid to get on the scale!
  • @ninrms Yes! I'm definitely making up for lost time and probably extra!
    @livingoffpbjs Same! I eat so much and get really full and never want to think about food again. 2 hours go by and then I do the same thing. Repeat. Repeat. Haha.
  • @alylove11 I’ve been heating up lunch meat too. I also get really worried. 
  • @ThePax89 reading that makes me gag lol
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  • makingbaconmakingbacon member
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    @ThePaxx89 I'm trying not to judge you, but it's not working lol. I have a huge onion aversion right now, so I'm with @livingoffpbjs and gagging lol.

    Edited to add: I'm currently waiting anxiously for my dinner to be delivered. I ordered a grilled shrimp dinner with Aussie fries and Caesar salad from Outback. I need it to get here.
  • Welp I was reading through this thread and shoving a bag of pretzels in my face while in bed at 8pm and DH just walked in and laughed at me. Ha! I'm just sooo glad to be eating more normally these past few weeks (knock on wood, of course). Every meal, no matter how simple, feels like a celebration. :) 
  • @ThePax89 we had grilled cheese last night and I make mine with BBQ sauce and sauted red onions....so yummy, I also was eating them out of the pan, can't be judgy here lol. 

    @makingbacon shrimp sounds so good right now but I had an aversion to it with both my other pregnancies, not the smell, I think it was the texture. It makes me to nervous to try it this time around. 

    See my UO but I have craved fries with honey mustard, I've eaten it twice this week. My co-worker brought me some today surprising me when she came back from lunch and I almost cried I was so happy. I don't know what it is with this kid and fried/fast food but I'm going to be a whale at the end of this.

  • @angelob88 Pretty much the same here but fries with chick-fil-a sauce 😬. My guilty pleasure. 
  • ninrmsninrms member
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    @angelob88 Omg I’m obsessed with fast food right now too. I’m grateful that the only two fast food restaurants in town are subway and DQ…if I had access to McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and all the others? Oh man. It would not be good lol
  • I just had the best Carne Asada taco and guacamole. I want it again for dinner.
  • Discovered an unopened jar of cookie butter (which I rarely buy! closest TJ's is like 5 hrs away lol)--I just melted a couple spoonfuls and put it on top of some Tillamook vanilla ice cream....omg so good. SO GOOD.
  • @ninrms What is cookie butter?
  • ninrmsninrms member
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    @makingbacon  It’s like peanut butter, but made with speculoos (biscoff?) cookies. Super unhealthy, but yummy. Trader Joe’s makes all kinds of stuff with cookie butter (and all different flavors of it too I think), but I’ve never tried any of it. 
  • @makingbacon it is magic in a jar
  • @chgilmore That’s what it sounds like. I have it on my list to see if I can get it on Amazon because we only have Walmart and HyVee here. 
  • @ninrms At TJ's they have a speckaloo ice cream. It's soooo good. @makingbacon I'd buy you a jar and send it to you--it's that good that everyone should have a go at it! :)
  • Peanut butter m&ms are amazing today. Also, pretty excited to make some oatmeal pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.
  • @ninrms omg. I tried some of that cookie butter on ice cream he other day and omg! 😮 so good! 
  • @lexilougolden um! recipe drop please! those sound amazing
  • I like a whole new world of food is opening up to me on this board. I’m on the lookout for all of these things lol. 
  • @photographerwife Haha yesss!! I’m so glad you liked it! I’ve had it a few more times since posting 🙊 I’m hoping to make a TJ’s run when we’re out of town this weekend, and idk if it’s a good idea for me to buy another jar or not lol..
  • @ninrms do it! 😂 it was very good. So sweet though, so I only had it the once! But I may have some this afternoon since you reminded me! Haha 
  • @photographerwife I think I might lol! And yes, SO sweet. I have like, a spoonful of cookie butter, plus maybe a fourth cup ice cream (and in a teeeeeny tiny condiment bowl, lol). Still so decadent. 
  • Had a craving at 9 pm for triple berry crisp (btw here's the recipe and it's delicious: https://mykitchencraze.com/triple-berry-crisp/) I didn't have any ingredients so I thought a pie would do...if we could find one. Lo and behold, there's a cute little tea shop with bakery items down the road, open late, with mini triple berry pie and peach pie. It was spectacular and my pregnant self rejoiced. I was so happy I wrote them a review before finishing my pie. haha.

  • We went to a dairy farm out in the country yesterday and got all this amazing fancy cheese and now cheese sounds disgusting to me 😭😭. That is a cruel trick my body is playing on me
  • @kaf1788 Oh no! How rude of your body! ;) Maybe they'll sound good in a few days. I love an array of cheese, sounds pretty heavenly to me right now.
  • @lexilougolden the stars aligned!!!!!!! I love that.
    @kaf1788 the true pregnancy tragedy, tbh

    So normally, I am a basic fall person, but now I am extra basic. Got a pumpkin pie latte from a goooood local place, got pumpkin pie kit-kats and espresso grounds, and then just, a bunch of canned pumpkin and a sugar pumpkin to do some baking and cooking with. I impulsively bought this magazine with like 100 pumpkin-based recipes in it and I. am. ready.
  • So I still haven’t really had any “cravings” where I gotta have it…. But I have been eating a lot of pickles lately 
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