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Meal Plan Monday 8/30

For those of us who are able to eat, what are you planning on making this week?

For those of us struggling with nausea, what snacks are keeping you going?

GTKY: What’s your favorite cooking/baking show?

Re: Meal Plan Monday 8/30

  • In true aloha_mama fashion, here I am making a discussion post a day late! Just trying to keep everyone’s expectations of me accurate. 

    We had cabbage pancakes yesterday that were a riff on okonomiyaki— soooo tasty but they took forever to make and DH had to eat leftovers from the day before after he finished his because it wasn’t enough. I’m planning to try a black bean “burger” recipe tonight and then creamed cauliflower and potato soup tomorrow. 

    GTKY: I love baking and cooking shows, they are my go-to when I have down time (which, what is that anymore?). I get really into Top Chef and I adore the Great British Baking Show, but Chopped is what I would have on my TV 24/7 if I could. I’m one of those people that absolutely needs a recipe to follow, I can’t deviate in any way or just look into my fridge and make something with what I have. 
  • For those of us who are able to eat, what are you planning on making this week?
    We've been ordering meal kits from Sunbasket for 4+ years and it's amazing! I love cooking and finding new recipes, but all the planning and shopping for the whole week can be kind of time consuming. The recipes have also significantly improved my DHs cooking skills, and since he gets home from work before me, dinner is usually at least halfway made when I walk in the door! We order about 4 meal kits a week, to cover most of the week nights. Tons of variety to chose from and about the same cost of buying the ingredients around here. Tonight we're having Bahm mi salad. If my nausea pattern is the same as before, may only be a week or two until I can't stomach meat and veggies for a couple months, so trying to enjoy the real food while I can!

    For those of us struggling with nausea, what snacks are keeping you going?
    Nausea is only coming and going for now, but my tummy is liking animal crackers, raisins and applesauce when it hits.

    GTKY: What’s your favorite cooking/baking show? 
    Love love love the great British baking show (miss Mary Berry and the original hosts) though always makes me super hungry for baked goods! Cupcake wars and all the similar are fun too, but seem so produced sometimes. Not technically a cooking show, but Andrew Zimmern bizarre foods is one of my favorite food shows ☺️
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  • I normally meal plan and shop for the week on Sundays but it didn't happen and it slipped my mind yesterday. Oops. I do meatlesa dinners for every other meal so tonight I'm making black bean tacos but don't have taco seasoning and am too tired to make my own so I put in sloppy Joe seasoning lol. Tomorrow will be mac and cheese with chicken and veggies mixed in. The. Next meal will be a Mexican casserole that I'm craving and wanted tonight but didn't have all the ingredients for. 
  • Tonight we had pork chops with IP baked potatoes and green beans.

    Sometime later this week we are doing an Italian sausage pasta with a butternut squash sauce that I love.  And we do a meal for the region we are studying in our geography curriculum (Hawaii) so I was going to do loco Moco and Hawaiian Cole slaw.  And probably something from the freezer for Friday. I think I have chicken fajitas in there.
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  • @miss_lynn9 Send me the Mexican casserole recipe! We love Mexican and I’m always looking for something new.

    @Boobopgirl We live in Hawaii and I loooooove loco moco, although now I can’t have the eggs over easy like I like them :(  Send me the pasta recipe when you get a second, that sounds so yummy!

  • @aloha_mama
    It's an adaptation of this recipe: https://www.skinnytaste.com/pasta-with-butternut-sauce-spicy/

    I use regular Italian sausage and I don't make it spicy.  But I add red bell pepper an a ton of extra garlic and probably extra cheese too (idk I just put all the cheese I can.) The kids even eat it well.
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  • I’m no help this week. Since we’re moving and all the kitchen stuff is packed, we’re mostly eating takeout!
  • I'm too nauseous. For some reason tortillas sound worse than everything else which makes no sense.
    I'm eating apples and peanut butter a lot and popcorn. 
  • Our meal planning happened in reverse this week.  I was too tired to plan, so my husband just went shoppy and got what he thought were "essentials" and I planned off of that.  I do not recommend this! 
    M-steak, potato wedges, and zucchini (cuz steak is obviously an essential 🤷)
    T- fish with peach salsa, rice, and spicy garlic kale
    W- roasted beets and cauliflower with lazy dumplings
    Th- grilled chicken with pear kale salad
    F- tofu stir fry with wild rice
    S- breakfast for dinner! Eggs, sausage, and nopalitos burritos. 

    When I'm pregnant I crave Mexican food like crazy, nothing fancy, just my grandma's simple homemade goodness.  Unfortunately the rest of the family gets sick of it real quick so I try to satisfy the cravings with lunch.  This week it's refried beans with just about anything.

    Nausea: so far I'm really lucky.  I have some crazy aversions and cravings, but not much nausea.  Like, I started to feel really sick this morning and realized I NEEDED a cheese sandwich with mayo.  Which is insane cuz normally mayo is the nastiest thing to me. But as soon as I ate it I was all better!   
    Oh, and iron fortified cereal with whole milk.  I eat 2-3 bowls a day for snacks.  I got it just to increase my iron intake, but it turns out it's my answer to any nausea that pops up throughout the day. 

    GTKY- British Baking Show!!!!  We are obsessed.  Unfortunately, this baby hates sugar, so no making for now ☹️
  • @todzillamom your week sounds amazing! Quickly googling recipes 😛
  • For those of us who are able to eat, what are you planning on making this week? 

    Breakfast is always my go-to to get in most of my nutrients for the day since smoothies still taste good and most meats and veggies aren’t tolerable to me right now. So I pretty make a salad smoothie and stuff a bunch of leafy greens and beet juice in there every morning and then cover up the taste with fruits and OJ. 😆 Crazy but it gets in a veggie serving I otherwise wouldn’t be able to eat!

    Lunches are the big meal of the day. We always spend Sunday meal prepping our lunches into pyrexes. This week is a mix: the 2 lunches are Cajun rice base with Cajun steak bites and green beans (the beans have been a major struggle to get down though) and buttered jasmine rice base with chicken/kale sausages with honey mustard and broccoli. The sausage actually tastes really good to me! Such a relief after a couple weeks of literally eating nothing but toast. 😅

    By dinner I’m usually feeling more nauseous and not hungry, but I’m usually able to get down a spoonful of almond butter, a handful of sunflower seeds, and a cup of kefir or yogurt and that does the trick for me.

    For those of us struggling with nausea, what snacks are keeping you going?

    Protein has been helping me more lately— as mentioned above, a spoonful of nut butter or handful of nuts or seeds helps. I’ve been keeping walnuts at work as a snack and it’s helped quite a bit.

    GTKY: What’s your favorite cooking/baking show? 

    I don’t watch too much TV in general or any baking shows, but my mom loves the Great British Baking show and talks with me about it all the time!
  • My meal plan for the week, with DH assisting on grill…

    Breakfasts: greek yogurt and granola, fresh fruit, and breakfast sandwiches

    Lunches: bbq pork grain bowls, burger salads

    Dinners: burgers, brats (nitrate free), chicken fajitas, macaroni and cheese

    Sides: cowboy caviar, coleslaw, salad, fresh vegetables from the garden

    Thank goodness for our new grill when I’ve got this fatigue! My big toddler is also always happy to be a “big helper” in the kitchen when possible.
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