Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

Is the misoprostol working?!

So, I have a blighted ovum, and was prescribed misoprostol to abort the pregnancy. I have mild cramping and a little bit of blood, though, not the geyser I was warned about. There was also a tiny cluster of blood coated in some white stuff when I used the bathroom that came out…was that the embryo? Has anyone else had this experience?! I just want this nightmare to be over! Blah!

Re: Is the misoprostol working?!

  • I’m so sorry you are having to deal with this! I am dreading my misoprotsol use too. I believe it depends on how far along you are-the longer your uterus had to grow a lining of blood, the more blood you will lose. It sounds like a good start that you are having some product loss, they say it might take a couple days. Do you have a follow up appt? Sometimes the misoprostol isn’t enough by itself to lose the whole uterus lining. 
  • I actually posted this right before the bleeding REALLY revved up. I’m positive it worked now. 

    As far as the process of taking it, I really wouldn’t have done this any other way. The amount of blood I lost (eventually, it took about 8 hours after I took it) was scary, but that was the worst part, aside from just waiting for it to work and worrying about what it would do to me. My cramps were super mild and I didn’t really have any other symptoms. Especially in COVID times, I didn’t want to do surgery and this felt like it gave me a bit of control, which is why I didn’t want to just wait it out. If you have to go through this hellish process (and I’m so sorry it’s happening to you, too), I see it as the best option. Props to modern medicine.
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  • just here to say I’m having the same thing. Blighted ovum diagnosed Sunday. Did 800mcg of cytotec orally this morning and just been cramping. No blood or anything yet. 😞 just ready for this to be over. ♥️
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