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Working Mom - Childcare Help

My son is a wonderful baby who is about five months old. He is sweet and very well behaved for his age. My mother-in-law has been a fantastic help. She is a wonderful person. I teach full-time and went back to work for about six weeks at the end of the school year. Thankfully, I had the summer off with the baby. Going forward-- I just feel a bit torn. I feel guilty having my mother-in-law help while I'm at work. Even though she has flexibility in her schedule, I feel bad to hold her back. At the same time, I am in the process right now of hiring help but of course the expenses of childcare scare me. Even working with my masters degree, I feel like I'm paying someone else about as much money as I make in a day to watch the baby.

So just had to vent somewhere with my concerns. If you have any feedback or thoughts, I would greatly appreciate it.

Re: Working Mom - Childcare Help

  • I hear you. Im a single mother and HAVE to work full time. Child care is basically a second mortgage for me and it is so scary. On top of that I really want to be with my baby 24/7 so it feels like I am paying all my money for someone else to do something I want to do. Its a huge torture. I also have 0 family support in watching my baby so my only choice is daycare. The best decision I made was going with an in home childcare. Its a lady that has a couple toddlers and a couple babies (mine is the youngest) and my baby is able to form a bond with her. Plus the money I am paying her GOES TO HER not a company that pays their employees the bare minimum. Whenever my baby sees her daycare lady she is instantly smiling and is in an amazing mood when I pick her up which makes me feel a ton better. I know she is loved and cared for and not just another number in the infant room of a daycare center. The other thing is the in home daycare is cheaper! The daycare centers were charging around $1200 a month and the in home one is around $700. Best of luck to you ❤️
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