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Not Alone

To all the women out there who thought they would soon be called mommy, and weren’t, I see you. 
To all the people who bought a onsie out of hope only to see it empty, I see you. 
To all the women who got pregnancy cravings only to have no pregnancy, you are not alone. 
To all the women who started to grow a beautiful rotund tummy, with nothing inside it, you are not alone. 
To all the people who had to tell family and friends, I’m sorry, but there won’t be a child right now, you are not alone. 
To all the mothers that dreamed so vividly of holding their new sweet baby and then didn’t get to, I see you. 
To all the people who were brave enough to purchase a crib or a swaddle or a toy, I see you and I love you. 
To all the people who did or didn’t get to see that tiny fluttering heartbeat on an ultrasound, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. 
Whatever your family comes to look like in the coming days, whether that is fur babies, adoption, single couples, or maybe a fully-realized newborn, know that you are not alone in this heartbreak and that you will never be alone having felt these moments. With every tear you cry or don’t cry over something wonderful lost, you are never alone. 

Re: Not Alone

  • Thank you so much for this. I was just told today that I have a blighted ovum and will need to take the abortion pill. I’m completely devastated and reading this was very comforting.
  • @Knottie1472907588 I am in the same position. Blighted ovum of 11 weeks. I am heartbroken. I will also need to take the misoprostol pills to force a miscarriage. You are not alone. 
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  • I have been thinking these exact thoughts and wanted to write a similar post. Thank you. Yes we are not alone. And it’s common to miscarry, but it’s also really hard. I found out I would miscarry at my first ultrasound when there was no heartbeat and I should have been 9 weeks. As soon as I heard the baby had died, I started crying, and I didn’t stop crying until the next day. I took off of work, called my mom and cried some more. After several days I’m doing better, but still tear up if I talk about it with someone. It’s not easy. And I am with all of you who have miscarried. And I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. Just know that however you need to grieve and however much time you need- do whatever feels right for you. 
  • Very much needed words. I just had a miscarriage yesterday 11/15 after waiting for my body to miscarry naturally. It has been so hard for us and still haven’t told anyone except our mothers. At times I do feel alone because I don’t think anyone would understand and I would feel more guilty about it if I do tell my family or friends. This community has been very helpful to me and allows me to see that we are not alone. 
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