Pregnant after 35

Pregnant after miscarriage . How to stay positive?

Hi, I had a miscarriage in April. I just got a positive pregnancy test. I feel excited but really scared at the same time because of the miscarriage the first time. Two days before my period was due , I was spotting. I thought it was my period . But two days later spotting stopped and period did not come. I took a pregnancy test and it is positive. I called OB to try to get in right away. I m 36 and I will be 37 in March. I really want to be super excited right now but the terrifying thoughts are taking over. I don’t know why I miscarried the first time but I have a suspicion it’s just my age and something went wrong with the chromosomes. Those who it happened before and u went on to have a healthy pregnancy after miscarriage, can u pls share your positive stories and let me know what techniques you used to battle the fear and negative thoughts. Really appreciate it  <3

Re: Pregnant after miscarriage . How to stay positive?

  • @katb2021 I’m in a similar boat. Im also 36 and had a MC at end of July/beginning of August. Obgyn said everything was ok and we were planning to try again next month but somehow already got pregnant (although it took forever last time). Every little cramp is scary. We were not able to determine a reason for our MC last time, but our obgyn assured us that just because it happened doesn’t mean anything is wrong with us. “À million little things have to happen exactly in the right order and at the right time, and if they don’t you have a MC- it wasn’t anything you did wrong. It’s unfortunate but it’s very common” is what they told us. I’m trying my best to relax, and I luckily know I am in great care. My obgyn is getting me in for early tests and we are going to monitor everything very closely this time. Sending you lots of love and hoping for the best ❤️
  • I’m 42 now and always been healthy and athletic with no gyn issues....We started trying Nov 2019 and got preg and mc at 5 weeks on Oct 2020, it was preg again March 2021 and that was 3 days before my ivf consult!....had a virtual meeting with the doc and he said he going to help me keep this preg and I should come in the next day and every other day to check my levels...well it all went well, levels were going up and progesterone was great too! He made sure my thyroid was good and checked if I needed to adjust my thyroid meds, he put me on vitamin D and baby aspirin....he told me that I’m Oct when I mc my thyroid and vit d were off big time and it could have caused the mc but who knows. 
    Today I am 32 weeks and our baby boy is healthy as can be and we couldn’t be happier! 
    Good luck, you’ll be fine!
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  • Thank you ladies for sharing your stories. I have my next check up this Friday. I m approaching 12 weeks mark so I m feeling better about it.  <3
  • Im 36 and will be 37 by my due date. I miscarried at 34 and I an definitely nervous but trying to take it a day at a time. Age is really just a number. Best thing you can do is be proactive with your health. Sending you love 
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